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[Infographic] Android: A Dessert That Keeps Getting Better

[Infographic] Android: A Dessert That Keeps Getting Better

Patrick Robinson 883 26-Feb-2020

September of 2019 saw Android unveil its latest update- the Android 10 (also popularly known as Android Q). And to keep it simple, and more grown up, this time the Android update is not named after a dessert.

Android just got better with time and catered to the enterprise requirements like no other OS did. Starting from 2003 till date, the journey how Android evolved has been a remarkable one. Take a look at this illustration that tells the story of how Android grew steadily, disrupting the entire expertise mobility landscape, driven by innovation, creativity and user experience. With each of its release, Android introduced unique yet relevant features, functionalities and capabilities. The popularity of Android is evident through its growing market share and expanding ecosystem.

Android has been dominating the global OS market and why not! It has made technology more accessible by putting affordable phones in the hands of every one. Android enjoys a huge market share of 40.39%, leaving behind Windows, the once most-popular OS for personal as well as professional use. And it doesn’t just stop there… from phones to tablets to mPOS systems and TVs and smartwatches and rugged devices, Android has found its way across every industry as well. At enterprise-level as well, Android devices are preferred, for their operational efficiency and user familiarity.

Looking back at the odyssey of this storm called Android is interesting. It summarizes the technological revolution of the first decade of the 21st century. Android’s evolution is full of interesting inceptions, market acquisition, innovation and of course, the disruption that followed!

[Infographic] Android: A Dessert That Keeps Getting Better

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