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Rank Your Websites Higher in 2020 With These SEO Strategies

Rank Your Websites Higher in 2020 With These SEO Strategies

Sonu Sagar726 25-Feb-2020

In this fast-paced world, keeping up with time and upgrading oneself only can save your business from out listing. If you have any type of business or you are a digital marketer, this post can change the fate of your website.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the spokes of the digital marketing wheel which takes your business from where you are to where you want to be. Keeping an eye on the recent trends and updates become indispensable. Let’s look at what strategies and tactics you need to master to dominate your competitors.

1. Tie up your shoes to add voice search:

Gone are the days when we used to get results to our query by typing on the search bar. Now our voice does everything. Almost all smartphones have got assistants which have reduced the use of the touchpad.

2. Check on your website’s loading speed:

Would you like to surf a website which takes years to load completely? The answer is a big no. Nobody has got that patience to wait for something. So, you have to decrease the loading time of your website both on the desktop and mobile. Site speed is a contributing factor to page abandonment. Every second does count. Walmart is such an example. They have boosted their conversion rate by 2% per second of load time reduced.

3. Get A Tight Hold on Artificial Intelligence:

Stop wasting time and start using technology. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the two main technologies that you must use. It will not only help you get better search engine rankings but also save you a lot of time. One such example is using technology to interpret your data using technology. Rather sitting for weeks in front of the dashboard. A more organized website will be an add on. You can bravely answer this in your next SEO interview questions.

4. Improve Your Mobile Pages:

If your business is not on the internet you will out of business soon- is a famous saying by Bill Gates. Adding to that, as per the trends, I believe if your business is not on mobile phones, then you will be out of business soon. Optimizing your site for mobiles is an aspect that you can’t forget.

5. Activities on Social Media:

Millions of people use social media these days. It is up to you how you can make it a beneficiary platform for your business. Using social media wisely, post valuable content and benefit your viewers. It will help them in building trust and increase credibility in you. Backlinks and high brand awareness are additional benefits.

PPC is one of the inorganic ways to get traffic on your website. PPC interview questions can let your brain honk if you don’t prepare.

6. Introduce Your Website to Blockchains:

If you don’t know about the technology, start spending some time in learning it. Yes, it will affect SEO. By using it, you can make sure that every click that hits your website is valid. That means you can get rid of bot visitors. You might need to hire an expert or even a team to implement blockchain on your website.

7. Google Core Update 2020:

Last night you slept a deep and sound sleep after seeing your website ranking on the first page of the search engine. You were on cloud nine and satisfied with all the efforts you made to rank your site higher. You threw a party on new years’ eve 2020. But when on January 13th, 2020, your life changed. You woke to the news of another Google Update namely, Core Update. Your site was impacted by the core update. Why?

What does Google intend to do?

It wants to give the best and accurate results to its searchers. It is not ready to compromise on any terms. So, what’s the way out-paying attention to your content marketing strategies. Content must be your top priority.

a. Error-free content: If you’ll write content with grammatical mistakes, or any type of typo then you are directly out of the game.

b. Sources: Add links to authentic websites to increase the credibility of your write-up.

c. Quality: Don’t just write to post a blog every day, write for the readers, their benefit. In the end, google works as per the user experience.

So, these are the SEO techniques that you should keep in mind while preparing your SEO plan. Moreover, if you are preparing for SEO jobs, don’t procrastinate to search for the best interview questions.

All the best!

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