Upcoming New Technology In Mobile Application Development - 2020 Edition

Upcoming New Technology In Mobile Application Development - 2020 Edition

  • Undeniably, the mobile app development company has been reshaping the verticals of business. Regardless of the business domain, every startup and every organization needs to integrate the latest mobile app development trends and technologies to harness maximum growth to burgeon the means to reach the targeted audience.

    Even, as per the data provided by BroadbandSearch, the usage of mobile and reliance on smartphone is gaining momentum ever since it’s inception.

    Before, stepping ahead with arising mobile app development trends, it’s high time to observe the patterns from the past few years since it kicked off.

        In 2017: 67% of worldwide internet traffic came from mobile users.

        In 2018: 3.7 billion people used their smartphone to access the internet and accomplish the everyday task. Remarkably, 90% of the time people spent their time on smartphones, especially on apps.

        In 2019: The number of apps available on the Google play store was 257 million, while in the Apple store, the number of apps available was 1.8 million.

        • In 2020: Without any doubt, 2020 mobile app usage is expected to earn a whopping revenue of 581.9 billion with a predicted revenue of 935.2 billion by 2023 (That’s a mind-boggling number).

    Upcoming New Technology In Mobile Application Development - 2020 Edition

    So, to hit a home run in the world of mobile apps, you would definitely have to accomplish two seemingly easy milestones:

    #Milestone 1: Get people to download your mobile app
    #Milestone 2: Get people to use your app

    Considering the unskippable factor, 75% of apps are never used again after the initial download, whereas the latter part looks specifically elusive. As we as well as fore-runner mobile app development company are well-versed with the cut-throat competition between Google play store and Apple store, only the most consistent and leading technologies make through. 

    Therefore, without further ado, let’s dive deep into the imminent of mobile app development and see what the hot picks in 2020 are. Don’t forget to follow these trends to be the “ Next Paramount” in the mobile app industry.

    #App Development Trend 1: “Forth-Coming Of Chatbots With Artificial Intelligence”

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly the technology story of 2010, and it doesn’t seem that the excitement is going wear-off as the new decade dawns.

    The last decade is remembered as the time when machines that are truly thought of as “Intelligent” - as in capable of thinking and learning, like humans do, began to become a reality out of the science fiction.  

    What is “Artificial Intelligence” Technical Coined?

    Popularly known as AI, Artificial Intelligence is a software that gathers and analyze data and algorithms to perform a specific action towards accomplishing a goal. The programs using AI can forecast the challenges on the way to target and determine how to ace through them.

    What makes AI stand out in the crowd is its distinctive feature of adaptiveness and autonomy.

    One of the splendid yet remarkable epitome of this is Google Duplex. It is a system driven by Artificial Intelligence technology that allows user to make appointments to different businesses over the call. This all is made possible with RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) using TensorFlow Extended, and Google Duplex can arrange a dinner date with your partner like you would have done it.

    The usage of text to speech AI engines allow the developers from iOS and Android app development company to make the communication as natural as possible. Filers and pauses like ‘umm’ make the AI’s words indistinguishable from human speech.

    Upcoming New Technology In Mobile Application Development - 2020 Edition

    How Artificial Intelligence Is Beneficial In Mobile App Development?

        • It Analyze Customer Behaviour.
        • Provide the needed upthrust to Search Engines.
        • Empower Real-Time Translation.
        • Improve Data Security and Mobile Authentication.
        • Drive Mobile App Customization
        • Upgrade Customer Support With Chatbots

    Acknowledge About The NEW Entrant “Chatbot”

    A chatbot is a software that holds the capabilities to conduct human-like conversation through auditory or textual means. AI allows intelligent and smart chatbots to not just simulate a meaningful dialogue but also identify users intentions and achieve specific tasks.

    The emerging technologies like Machine learning, deep learning, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generator (NLG) abide to bring client experience at another level.

    For instance, let’s take IBM’s Watson Assistant. It is an excellent case in point, providing an extensive array of features that distinguish an intelligent AI-driven chatbot from a common one:

    1. It unfurls its knowledge base for answers.
    2. You can hone it for a specific industry and build it into your app.
    3. It knows when to ask for clarifications and when to direct the user to a human professional.

    Why Chatbot Benefits Are The Things For Your Business in 2020?

        • Bring Innovation - Conversing to a chatbot enthralls clients and makes their experience with your app unforgettable.

        • Minimize Costs - According to Chatbots Magazine, integrating chatbots reduces cost upto 30% of the customer service.

        • Accelerate Sales & Customer Services - Since chatbots are accessible 24/7, none client feels neglected. Chatbots can be customized to gather relevant data to create client’s profile and personalize marketing strategies.

        • Improve Product Evaluation & Optimization - Utilizing a chatbot in your mobile app provide you with the following advantages:
        quality assessment
        broadcasting special offers
        Introducing new products
        Producing invites & welcome messages,
        Providing specific information about the brand and the product in an explicit way,
        dynamic price

    #App Development Trend 2: “Cross-Platform App Development Is The New Niche ”

    Cross-platform app development is an approach to building a mobile app using a single code-base that works seamlessly on several devices, platforms, and operating system. This is a top choice, especially for experienced Android and iPhone app development company in 2020 to be highly efficient.

    As globalization promises to be on full-throttle in 2020, so should be your app. And, encompassing to new customers at every nook of the landscape to provide a compatible app with their software and hardware.

    The cross-platform mobile app development appears to be the most effective yet efficient move to achieve the objective coming in the near future.

    Why Switch To Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

        • Maximize User Coverage - Opting for cross-platform app development your mobile app will be accessible to more users.

        • Minimized Costs - Smaller teams and minimum development tools the cost gradually inclines to lower side.

        • Dynamic Development - Rather developing the same thing for each platform, numerous operating systems can come under one sheath in one fell swoop.

        • Smaller Teams - In cross-platform app development, there is no need to hire several development professionals. One right team from the right mobile app development company is enough to cover the app development.

    #App Development Trend 3: “5G - Revolutionizing The App Development”

    The forth coming of latest mobile apps are invariably dependent on the quality of internet. As said by, Worldwide 4G to 5G market for 2019-2025, by 2023 70% of the provider will switch to 5G spectrum.

    As per the latest research, the need to opt for 5G technology is directed by ever increasing and ubiquitous technologies like AR and VR gaming, 4K or 8K videos.

    It is predicted to cross a mark of 1.5 billion users by 2025, with a targeted revenue reaching $502 billion. Have a look at the below image to get a better understanding of the uprising trend worldwide.
    Upcoming New Technology In Mobile Application Development - 2020 Edition

    How 5G Is Changing The Mobile App Development?

        • Efficient & Easy Data Transfer - The next generation of internet connectivity, 5G will make the transfer of data and media much more efficient and faster. These advancements enables users to stream 4K/8K videos without any lagging. 

        • Low Latency Proffer Development Time - 5G high speed and low latency will make it easier and a faster approach for developers to add more features and work them smoothly. Technologies like 3D object models, AR/VR, add ons, and capabilities of IoT bringing unforgettable exposure to the latest tech. 

        • Transform The Adaption Of Chatbots - Steadiness and speed are the imperatives for transforming the adaption of chatbots. With higher connection quality, chatbots will be able to deliver highly precise and accurate feedback in real-time.

        • Reliable Wireless Connection - Reliable wireless 5G connection opens new opportunities for implementations of software fueled by AI and Machine Learning.

    Moreover, 5G unleashes the real power of IoT, Cloud technology, and ambient computing.  

    #App Development Trend 4: ”AR/VR Is A Perfect Example In Mobile App Development”

    Augmented Reality adds computer-originated elements to the real-world surrounding. Whereas, Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation of a specific surrounding. In VR, the surrounding world is entirely shut out, and the user is fully immersed and engaged in the simulations.

    The Perfect Example To Understand AR By Leading iPhone App Development Company 

    In 2009, Yelp mesmerized the world with it’s first-ever Augmented Reality App for iPhone. Once activated by three shakes, Yelp’s Monacle released the smartphone’s camera and provide star reviews for the places caught by the camera, made it pioneer and sensational in the AR world.

    Upcoming New Technology In Mobile Application Development - 2020 Edition

    Image Source

    In the present scenario, AR/VR is successfully integrated in several mobile apps across distinctive industry verticals. The researchers have estimated that active number of AR users are predicted to hit by 125.9 million by 2022.

    The Different Array AR Transform The Mobile Industry

        AR/VR are nowadays used for product demos.
        Re-writing a new shopping experience.
        They can be put for training purpose or user guide.
        AR/VR can increase user interaction with the band.
        Products can be showcased in virtual showrooms.
        Lastly, they can be used to explain complicated concepts.

    So, among the flooded option of AR/VR, above listed are few of the popular uses of the technology, that makes you stand out in the crowd. AR technologies attract a broad audience who can cherish the experience of all features without any additional device while immersing in VR only requires a headset.

    So, to provide your clients with seamless and unparalleled user experience, partner with the trusted Android and iOS app development company, which boosts customer retention also.

    #App Development Trend 5: “IoT Is Turning Everything Smarter”

    As you might be familiar IoT stands for “Internet Of Things”. It is a network of inter-related computing device that enables communication within. An exclusive range of tools from a computer to a heart monitor can be connected to internet.

    IoT devices and their alliance open more opportunities to monitoring and managing various aspects of human brio. Approximately, all the IoT software mostly used today can be easily - all thanks to smartphones.

    The Smart IoT Trends For Mobile App Development In 2020 

        • Opting IoT In Healthcare - Ø Virtual assistant apps commenced to provide a natural hand to help seniors with self-care, smart hospital rooms with environmental control and virtual communication ability; smart clinical devices are an awaited idea soon becoming a reality.

        • Turning Home Smarter - As per statista, the global smart home market is forecasted to reach $20.8 billion in 2020. This is, for sure a good news for business focused on mobile app development, as the smartphone is the primary interface for smart home devices.

        • Re-transforming Retail With IoT Trends - The IoT trends in retail market is predicted to have a worth of 35.64 billion USD by 2020. Mobile applications provide a lending hand to assess their customer satisfaction right after shopping.

    Therefore, the leading app development company inculcate IoT into mobile apps to help business achieve better customer experience and customization.

        • Energy & Resource Management - Nowadays people are getting more and more familiar with the environmental issues and the utter need of smart resource management, the integration of IoT in mobile apps is a soon-to-be reality.

    The notifications send by IoT driven application could prevent outages and disasters. To think about future, energy and resource managing is the first step to build smart building and sustainable cities.

    Upcoming New Technology In Mobile Application Development - 2020 Edition
    Image Source

    In The End... 2020 is here to abreast the competitive edge in the mobile app market. New technologies with emerging application development trends are revolutionizing the conventional aspects. Even, you can be among the one for sketching the picture right to win thousands of heart if the partner with the right mobile app development company.

    As by now, you must have decided with the technology to phase in your next big app, remember - There are a nook and time for everything.

    And, now is the time to “Inspire The Next”. All that is required is a revolutionizing idea that can uncover the opportunities of business.

    Ready to rock 2020 together? Talk with experts to write your success story.
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