5 Best Open Source Android Apps to Help Boost your Development Skills

5 Best Open Source Android Apps to Help Boost your Development Skills

App development is a progressing field and in need of more skilled developers as numerous companies seek to join the race to design a creative app that their users enjoy.

The career path is filled with tremendous growth opportunities for developers. So, it is a great time to decide on your profession.

Books, blogs, forums, and other sources are best when it comes to improving your skills. Still, there are different ways to enhance your abilities. Open-source apps are fully-functional, exhaustive applications where you can understand the depth of coding directly.

It is a way to improve your knowledge of programming and gain new insights if you aim to join an iOS or Android app development company or freelance.

Here are five best open source apps, as an alternative to regular development textbooks:

1. Amaze File Manager

It is written in Java programming language, and one of the most lightweight android applications on Google Play Store. Few of the attributes of the app are as follows:

· Access to all features, ad-free.

· Essential tools like cut, copy, compress, delete, and extract.

· Navigation bar/drawer

· Several themes option

· Save bookmarks

It is an intermediate level application that will teach you different aspects of coding, particularly proper file holding on SD card. Find the source code on GitHub!

2. K-9 Mail

K-9 is an email application on the Google Play Store with its source code on GitHub. The app is written in Java. It uses CRAM-MD5 encryption, plus client-side TLS certificates for server authentication.

STARTTLS and TLS are also available, and currently, the app supports OpenPGP.

3. LeafPic

It is a photo and gallery app and suitable for even a beginner developer. You can find a few additional features than your traditional gallery application. It is ad-free and a great source to leverage material design.

4. NextCloud

It is a cloud storage app with easy-to-understand UI, provides auto uploads of photos and videos, and file sharing.

5. Open Camera

The app offers more functionality than the regular camera app, with full manual control, configurable hotkeys, HDR support, and more.

Boost Your Skills

These five apps will give you hands-on experience in programming and developing the field. Textbooks, blogs, and so on can only provide you with knowledge. Open-source apps will help you understand how to apply it.

I hope the article helps you in deciding your journey!

Last updated:2/19/2020 4:45:22 AM
Sarah Cameron

Sarah Cameron

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