C# (c-sharp) .Net MCQ Quiz Question with Answer

C# Interview Questions & Answers. What is C#? Explain types of comment in C# with examples, All quizzes on Programming  C# Sharp have answers available with pdf.

C Progamming Quiz

Here list of  important 30 C# interview questions and answers for C# developers who plan to attend the C# and .NET interviews.

Question 1: The Execution of the program begins with ________.

(A) main()

(B) get()

(C) class()

(D) display()

 ANSWER:  main() 

Question 2: Which of the following converts a type to a byte value in C#?

(A) ToByte

(B) ToChar

(C) ToSingle

(D) ToDateTime


Question 10: In C#, a subroutine is called a _________.

(A) Metadata

(B) Function

(C) Managed code

(D) Method

ANSWER: Method

Question 8: Which of the following pre-processor directive allows to create a compound conditional directive, along with #if in C#?

(A) elif

(B) else

(C) define

(D) if

ANSWER: else

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