7 Free Project Management Tools That Will Help You Get the Work Done

7 Free Project Management Tools That Will Help You Get the Work Done

Do you have trouble keeping your teams on the same page, managing risks, monitoring progress and identifying issues on the course of a project? If yes, then those are the signs that you need a project management system.

Project management tools can solve these problems, problems that might cost you time and money in the long run. If you don’t have one yet, what seems to be the reason? Is it because you are running short of budget or you just don’t know such software solutions exist?

Here is the good news: This article is perfect for you! You will find here a few of the many tools that don’t require high-level technical expertise and tons of money.

Check out below a list of free tools (besides the popular ones) that will help you and your team get the work done.

1. Airtable

This cloud-based work management solution looks like a modern version of Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. It follows the concept of a spreadsheet but boasts of pre-made templates and other features that the former lack.

Examples of such functionalities are task delegation, time tracking, reporting, project monitoring, collaboration, and so on.

What you get from the free version:

• Unlimited bases/templates

• Unlimited scheduling views

• Rich field records

• Commenting

• 2 GB of storage

• 2 weeks of historical data

2. Bitrix24

Bitirix24 is one of the multi-function project management tools that meet the demands of businesses, especially the small and humble ones. It accentuates a unified and single workspace, which can handle the many aspects of daily operations.

Through this tool, project members can stay connected via the activity stream, group chat, work groups and other collaborative tools. Users can also execute projects on time, thanks to the software’s features (i.e. project calendars, progress tracking, reporting, etc.).

What you get from the free version:

• Task management

• Kanban boards

• Resource management

• 5GB of storage

• 12 users

3. ClickUp

Dubbed as productivity software, ClickUp intends to make the world more productive. It is suitable for businesses that want to measure, monitor and boost the productivity of teams and their members.

This cloud-based project management solution has combined all the valuable aspects in a single platform for optimum productivity. With this tool user can manage tasks, projects and teams; generate reports; identify and resolve issues, all in one location.

What you get from the free version:

• Task management

• Gantt chart

• Custom fields

• Unlimited users

• Unlimited tasks and projects

4. Freedcamp

Unlike other project management tools, Freedcamp can be deployed in the cloud or installed on PCs. This software is a perfect fit for small to medium-sized businesses that need a better way to stay organised.

Freedcamp is equipped with key functionalities needed in planning and managing projects, as well as executing project deliverable s on time. These features include task list, Kanban board, social wall, CRM capabilities, and more.

What you get from the free version:

• Tasks

• Discussion boards

• Password manager

• Personal task manager

• Time tracking features

5. HiTask

Your team wouldn’t bother saying HI to multiple tasks when HiTask is around. This is because such project management software offers a one-stop solution from task management to document storage, time tracking, and so on.

What sets this application apart from other software products is its user-friendly interface. HiTask requires less familiarisation of the tool and little-to-no training.

What you get from the free version:

• Up to 5 users

• Unlimited number of tasks and projects

• Shared task lists, projects, and calendars

• 0.5GB of space

6. MeisterTask

MesiterTask is another project and task management tool that offers a free version. This software can offer the solution that you need—manage workflows, organise tasks, collaborate with the members, etc.

It embraces the concept of Kanban boards but in a more practical and fashionable way. All the tasks, comments, notes, due dates, and more are set up like Kanboard boards in one place.

What you get from the free version:

• Unlimited number of projects and tasks

• Unlimited number of project members and users

• Two integrations (such as with Slack or Zendesk)

• Checklists, comments, tags and time tracking features

• Up to 20MB space

7. Redbooth

Project management tools are designed to help teams streamline their work and stay focused on more important tasks. And, Redbooth is a reliable software solution that allows users to do just like that.

Teams can manage many tasks simultaneously, thanks to the tool’s intuitive design and cool features. Its key functionalities include visual project timelines, productivity reports, high-definition video meetings powered by Zoom, and so on.

What you get from the free version:

• Assigned users

• Tasks

• Gantt charts

• Conversations

• 2GB of storage

• Community forums/email support

Project Management Made Easy

Managing projects doesn’t have to be stressful and time-consuming. While the thought alone of engaging in such is indeed strenuous, investing in project management software will help ease the burden.

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