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7 Electricity-saving Secrets that can save you a lot of money

7 Electricity-saving Secrets that can save you a lot of money

Amnon Yahalom 2335 16-Feb-2020

Many people are looking for clever ways to reduce the cost of their electricity bills. Since 2000, Connecticut has allowed customers to compare and switch CT electricity providers through sites like Electricity rates.

An expert electrician has some ingenious tricks that you can employ to not only reduce your energy bills but also enjoy using power in your home or office. 
Before we start we must emphasize - when you work with electricity you must apply safety measures - appropriate shoes, safety gloves, and many more. Never handle electricity without safety measures!

Here are seven tips. 

1. Replace the Air Conditioner with a Fan 

Fans are cheaper to operate than A/C and are even easier to clean. Other inexpensive things to invest in that will help you bring down your energy bill include white blinds that are reflective and lined curtains. This help to keep the lighting costs low and also help to keep your furniture pristine. 

2. Have Proper Insulation 

Insulating your walls, high-efficiency windows or attic will help keep the airflow inside your home at a constant temperature. In summer, the cool air will remain inside and the hot air outside. Insulation helps you avoid using heating appliances often in your home; hence, the energy bills will be reduced substantially. Do not forget that insulation helps to keep the moisture away. Ask your electrician about the best insulation type for your specific home. 

3. Change Your Lifestyle 

Changes in how you do things at home can help lower your electricity bill and your carbon footprint. Try using heavy-duty appliances during off-peak hours — at night and early morning — when power costs are low. Using a stovetop when it is cold will help warm up the house. A microwave does not add any warmth to the house when used. Also, consider doing your laundry and dish washing at night when the electricity use is lower. 'You should also start taking shorter showers and even adjusting the water temperature lower than 120 degrees Fahrenheit in summer.

4. Have Appliances Serviced Regularly 

Never neglect to have your electrical appliances serviced on an annual basis. It is important that you hire a professional to service your heating and cooling appliances. Another thing to consider is to replace your old system with a newer one. Newer systems are generally more efficient at heating and cooling and also in power consumption. 

5. Use LED Bulbs 

The traditional incandescent bulbs consume more power compared to LED bulbs. The traditional bulbs use around 90 percent to heat and only 10 percent to light. Moreover, the LED bulbs last longer and come in dynamic looks. 

6. Have a Home Inspection Done 

Hire a home energy professional to conduct a thermographic inspection of your home. The expert will use equipment that will help them know whether there are any air leaks. Such an inspection might help you know why your energy bill is always high. Rather than buying a new thermostat or A/C, maybe all you need is to seal a crack on a wall. Sealing cracks often go hand in hand with insulation. 

7. Invest in Programmable Thermostats 

You could end up cutting your energy bills by up to 10 percent when you set the temperature between 7 and 10 degrees for eight hours in winter and fall. During summer, you should turn up the temperature. You can achieve this easily when you invest in a smart thermostat that is Wi-Fi enabled and adjusts cooling and heating temperature settings for optimal performance.

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