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Best Programs to Learn Japanese Effortlessly

Best Programs to Learn Japanese Effortlessly

The Lingo World 649 15-Feb-2020

Japanese language is one of those languages that people get afraid to learn as it is a bit tough to understand and on the same time are getting crazy to learn it.  

Unlike English language, Japanese language is a whole different. Neither the script nor the pronunciation is similar. I am not scaring you with the flaws of learning Japanese language, I am just showing you’re the mirror that how tough it can be, but not impossible to learn.

If you are among those passionate learners who are willing to learn Japanese language then this blog is right for you. Here you will get the best software to learn Japanese.

What Is the Best Program to Learn Japanese?

Though there are many application to learn Japanese but I have picked the best out of best through which you can learn Japanese easily. Here is the list of those programs/software to learn Japanese, choose the one that suits you.

1: Rocket Japanese

If you are a beginner then Rocket Japanese is perfect for you. This software works in all the areas of the language learning such as writing characters, listening skills, learning level and the accent.

Rocket Japanese Features:

•    Audio lessons
•    Cultural lessons
•    Improves pronunciation
•    Flashcards
•    Track progress
•    24/7 online access

Rocket Japanese has two different levels of course in it and accordingly the price is distributed. It gives a free trial lessons when you create an account so that it gets easier for you to decide whether you want to access all the lessons or not.

Level 1    Level 2
Audio lessons- 33    Audio lessons- 66
Writing lessons- 31    Writing lessons- 60
Price- $149.95    Price- $299.90

There are many more things that gives you the benefits of learning language with Rocket Japanese.

2: FluentU

FluentU is another application to learn Japanese language. This software offers audio files, subtitled videos, articles written in Japanese and course playlist. FluentU is for all level learners, here checkl out its features:

•    Spaced Repetition System
•    Flashcards
•    Video Dictionary
•    Personalized Quiz
•    Bilingual subtitles

FluentU offers a free trial of 14 days and after that you can pay to access the entire lessons. you can either pay monthly that is $30 or annually that is $240. Try FluentU and see whether you are comfortable with its way of learning or not.


This is a site that offers to learn Japanese as beginners to intermediate learners. It helps you with Japanese typing, YES that’s right you can also learn how to type Japanese, katakana and hiragana lessons.

The main feature of this website is that it not only teaches you Japanese language but also helps you to type it. It also places links where you can find a partner to communicate in Japanese.

There are forums where you can also your queries and get an answer about it. Though it is free but there are some ebooks which you can buy to enhance the knowledge about Japanese which are not free.

4: Japanesepod101

Japanesepod101 is somewhat similar to Rocket Japanese but the thing that makes Japanesepod101 different from other language learning software is that it offers more reading and writing resources.

Like other software it also gives free trial of lessons when you create an account. The price of Japanesepod101 is much cheaper as compared to Rocket Japanese. The price is distributed into 3 parts: Basic, premium and Premium Plus. You can choose the plan according to you need of learning.

5: Human Japanese

Human Japanese is a language learning software that teaches Japanese from beginners to intermediate.

Features of Human Japanese:

•    Audio lessons
•    Easy explanation of words or phrases
•    Reading material
•    Animation explanation

You can download Human Japanese in Mobile and Desktop. It also offers free trail and as usual pay to but the subscription at the cost of $14-$34.

Try this application to learn Japanese and get better in Japanese language.

6: Rosetta Stone

This is a simple application to learn Japanese as it does not teach every single thing in Japanese. Many areas are left uncovered. This software is for those who are beginners and want to know the basics of Japanese.

Rosetta Stone Features:

•    Offers offline access
•    Audio companion
•    Download lessons
•    Provides Phrasebook

Like other language learning applications, it also provides free trial for 3 days and then pay for subscription yearly, half-yearly, 3 months.


All right, I have provided the list of best software to learn Japanese that will show you the path towards learning Japanese language.

Go through the apps and if you want you can take the free trial to know which app is better for you can whether its suits you in making the learning process easier.
Pick the best software to learn Japanese and get started with it.

Updated 15-Feb-2020
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