Choosing the Right Small Town Doctor

When it comes to finding the right doctor in your town you want to make sure that you have someone who really cares about you. You want someone who has the background and the experience to provide the care you need. And you want someone who has a genuine love for what they do. That's why you want Dr. Patricia Brougher.

Dr. Brougher began with a large, multi-doctor practice that provided care to women within the community. While this facility was able to meet the needs of many women in the San Antonio area, it didn't provide the level of personalized support that Dr. Brougher was really looking to offer her patients. As a result, she decided to branch out and create her own practice.

Today, Dr. Brougher, along with nurse practitioner Laurie Hudec, provides personalized care and a warm and supportive environment to all of the women who attend her practice daily. She offers the best possible level of care, continually improving and advancing technology and all of the types of treatment that you may need to stay healthy.

When you visit Bluebonnet, you can rest assured you're going to meet with an all-female team that prides themselves on offering an environment where you feel safe, comfortable and more than happy to seek out any form of care. Whether you're looking for well-woman exams, advice on living a healthy lifestyle or even something more extensive, you'll be able to find it with Dr. Brougher.

Bluebonnet offers procedures and treatment in areas such as MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser therapy, SculpSure fat loss and more. And all of this is alongside the traditional services that you would expect from your OB/GYN. Providing general obstetrics and gynecological services was a foundational part of Dr. Brougher's facility, and these services extend to pregnancy and menopause care.

If you're looking for any type of care in the San Antonio, TX area you really can't go wrong with Dr. Brougher. You'll find her to be a caring, compassionate and skilled OB/GYN with the training that you would expect from your medical professional. What you'll also find is the highest level of quality care in her nurse practitioner, Laurie Hudec.

Laurie followed Dr. Brougher when she first opened her practice, because she felt that the traits and skills that Dr. Brougher honored were extremely important in providing the right services and care. As a result, Laurie has continued on with Dr. Brougher ever since that day, providing the highest level of care and compassion to all patients who walk through the door.

If you're in need of medical care, either as a woman or as someone with a current medical condition or need, you can absolutely find exactly what you're looking for at Bluebonnet. All you need to do is schedule an appointment and you'll be on the list to meet with Laurie and Dr. Brougher. From there, you can expect to always receive the standard of care that you expect.

No matter what you're currently going through, Dr. Brougher and Laurie will help you to work through it and live the life that you were born to live. You don't need to let any medical conditions or concerns slow you down from achieving what you really want out of life, and they can help.

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