In Your Busy schedule how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

All we are going to do is, give you tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite following a busy schedule.

It happens very often, that your passion, your work keeps you so engaged that you don’t get time for yourself. Whether it’s your upcoming exams or promotion on hold; the pressure keeps on increasing, leading to a big compromise on your physical and mental health. Is it worth it? Well, even if the results appear in your favor, would you still be able to enjoy the victory in an exhausted state? Of course not. Therefore, it’s really important to maintain a healthy lifestyle even if you have a busy schedule.

Keeping health as a priority is what a wise man would do. In this era, where the pollution, dirt and risky environmental factors have increased, as seen in the depleting climatic changes; the need to follow a healthier life has increased three-folds. Humans are also a part of nature, and therefore, needs protection. In our daily lives, we focus too much on others and very less on ourselves. This is the reason why we lose out on improving ourselves at the right time, only to crib about it several years down the lane. Health is one such factor on which we love judging others by either fat-shaming them, calling them too skinny and making fun of those pimples. Well, ever thought about the reason for all of it? The answer is stress, constant pressure, and ignorance. Sure, you are too busy in life to take out time for others, but what is the point of living a hectic lifestyle when you cannot even give time to yourself?

As intelligent beings, we are aware of what an unhealthy lifestyle leads to - a tough and troublesome old age, and an expensive mid-age crisis, due to hospital bills. So, keep our body healthy by staying fit so that you can enjoy this life to the fullest. You can easily maintain this by incorporating Yoga and Ayurveda into your lives. Eating the right food and continuing a physical activity balances out a lot of deficiencies which may cause hindrance in the future.

Tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

1. Take out time to exercise daily

It is no brainer that every human being should take out some time to exercise daily. We are not talking about some intense training here, but rather the engagement in any physical activity. Even if you just stretch in the morning, you can initiate energy rush in your body, which prepares you to kick-start your rest of the day. Try to wake up early, and on an empty stomach do some cardio exercises, dance, running, or Yoga. It's up to you! If you do not feel like engaging in any physical activity, then doing Pranayama exercises can also be helpful to lift your mood and energize you from within. You can learn about this practice by undertaking pranayama yoga in Gurgaon or at any of your desired places. Taking out 30 minutes in the morning or evening is not much of an effort when the goal is to remain fresh and healthy for the rest of your life.

2. Eat organic foods and vegetables

Maintain an organic lifestyle; add seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet to nourish your mind, body, and soul. This habit is not just the health mantra of many yogis but it is also a perfect way to receive all the nutrients which run a healthy body. The plant-based approach towards life elevates the inner-power and helps you come closer to the natural healing process. A quick hack to avoid unhealthy food is to pack home-cooked food to your office, or college. In this way, you can focus more on your inner-health, which ultimately reflects on your outer health.

3. Make detoxifying herbal drinks for cleansing purposes

Rather than buying beverages like coffee, tea, colored juices or soda from outside; you can learn to make your detoxifying drink at home or even at your work-place. The simple remedies are extremely simple and highly contributive for cleansing purposes. A few of these drinks which you can make easy are; Mint tea, Ginger tea, Chamomile tea, Hibiscus tea, Lemon tea, or infuse and make it a 'honey ginger lemon tea'. Flush out all the toxins to make space for healthy ingredients to flow.

4. Avoid junk food or anything which is in a plastic

One of the biggest weaknesses of getting caught in a busy schedule is that you ignore what you are putting in your stomach. The consequences of which are highly haunting on your body. You get out of shape, your bad habits increase, and on top of that, you stop caring about your beauty. So, to eradicate that, you need to be careful about what you choose to eat. Instead of making it a complicated diet plan, we would keep things simple for you- avoid junk food or anything available in the market in plastic bags like chips, etc. This action will cut down on your acne-related issues, or oiliness, etc. Treat your body like a temple, and feed it only the things which are needed.

5. Consume lots of water to flush out toxins

The least you can do is, to consume water consistently at intervals while working, studying, or house-keeping. Keep a bottle with you and keep drinking a little amount of water throughout the day. It is not much of a task and is highly beneficial for all age groups. A great technique to flush down the stored toxins the right way! It is a great way to de-stress and clear your mind from unwanted thoughts. (Do not consume excessive water as it will make you lethargic).

6. Practice Yoga and Meditation in your free time to reenergize

Engage yourself in some yogic activities like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and power yoga in Gurgaon to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can go to an evening class or join a morning session, the choice is yours! Yoga means ‘union’; it is an aid to your heart, mind, and soul. The more you practice, the better or healthier you become. Let the energy flow by unlocking the energy channels or chakras to fully use your inner potential, to shape your overall personality. The traditional practices of Meditation and Yoga are used in the modern world to welcome healthier patterns, by saying goodbye to the negative life. To end your day, you can sit alone for some time and just unwind with the shamanic methods of Meditation. You will end up feeling much more relaxed and content.

To End It

These lifestyle hacks can really improve your health as well as mood since the mind is connected to the body. Try and maintain a regular routine and keep the above points in mind to lead a life that is fulfilling and rewarding at the same time.

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