8 Reasons You May Have Sudden Blurred Vision

8 Reasons You May Have Sudden Blurred Vision

God gave us eyes to see this beautiful world. But every precious thing comes with price and this goes true with our eyes too. Our eye sight, vision is the main function of our eyes. It is included in our special senses. Any problem in our vision makes one handicap, dependent for all his/her routine day to day activities. One of the common symptom related to eyes is ‘Blurring of vision ‘.

There are many causes for this symptom, some are non serious while some indicate serious underlying diseases. Our eye is made up of many things but cornea, lens and retina are main parts of eye helping in vision and any disease of them will cause blurring of vision.

1. Cataract – This is the most common cause for blurring of vision. It starts with blurring of vision in one eye either left or right and gradually worsen and cause blurring of vision in both eyes. Cataract is basically a disease of lens. Normal lens is crystal clear. When it becomes unclear, opaque, hazzy, blurring of vision occurs. It is commonly seen in old age people due to aging of lens. Surgical removal of old lens and putting new lens is the treatment of choice.

2. Glaucoma –It is condition in which intra ocular pressure rises than normal. This raised pressure affects all parts of eyes including retina. One should Ask an Ophalmologist immediately because if not treated timely it complicates as vision loss.

3. Blunt eye trauma –Any direct or indirect injury to eye like with ball or other object or during vehicular accidents, blurring of vision is very common. It is mostly seen in one eye only.

4. Pregnancy – Pregnancy causes hormonal changes and imbalance in female’s body. These changes also alter normal anatomy and physiology of eyes and cause blurring of vision. It is usually bilateral.

5. Diabetes mellitus – Diabetes if not controlled and remains elevated for longer duration (months to years) can cause degeneration of lens and retina. These causes many eye diseases and commonest symptom of these diseases is blurring of. So if you are diabetic, you should keep your sugar levels under control. You should Ask a doctor for maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

6. Hypertension – Uncontrolled, accelerated hypertension causes injuries to retinal blood vessels which leads to Heamorrhage (bleeding) which is known as retinal Heamorrhage. Earliest symptom of this is blurring of vision.

7. Refractory errors –Severe form of refraction (near sightness or far sightness) can also cause blurring of vision. So one should wear regular spectacles and get done regular check up of his/her eyes. Severe form of refractory error should be treated by Lasik Surgery. You should ask an Ophalmologist for this treatment.

8. Cerebro Vascular Stroke (CV Stroke) –Stroke is considered as brain attack. When blood supply of any part of brain is reduced due to blockage or hemorrhage in the blood vessels, that particular part of brain stops it’s function. So if part of brain controlling vision (occipital lobe) is not getting proper blood supply, blurring of vision can occur along with other symptoms.

To conclude, one should never neglect blurring of vision and should definitely ask an Ophalmologist for evaluation.

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