5 Reasons Why Front-end Developers Prefer to Choose React over Angular!

5 Reasons Why Front-end Developers Prefer to Choose React over Angular!

Angular vs React has been a hot topic of discussion ever since these two technologies emerged in the market space. But with its growing popularity, React has NOW become a popular choice among app development companies.

ReactJS is ruling the app industry with its best-in-class features and performance. You will be amazed to know that over 334,251 websites are built using ReactJS, says SimilarTech.

Why should you choose React over Angular?

A survey by StackOverflow suggested that ReactJS stands third in the list of the most popular JavaScript libraries. So clearly, Reactjs steals the show! Let’s read further on Angular vs React to know why you should choose React over Angular.

In this blog, I have also listed out information on the question trending in the industry these days, “What are the differences between React and Angular?” I hope this will help developers to know and understand the reasons for inclination towards ReactJS seen in the developer community and which one to choose for front-end development- React or Angular.

React is only a View Library!

Single-page applications (SPA) work on component-based user interfaces. You will be glad to know that React is an ideal fit for a component-based user interface.

Reactjs is a view library that provides the appropriate tools for solving the problem of component requirements by providing tools. By using these tools, the users can effectively build a component-based user interface.

So, clearly, you can see React as one building block for your SPA. It allows you to build your application solely and offers exchangeable building blocks. Also, you can use React as a solution with other building blocks to create component-based user interfaces. So, hire React developer to create enticing web applications for your business.

While Reactjs is a library, Angular isn’t. Angular is a framework that offers more than one building block. The ReactJs ecosystem offers a rigid solution just like a framework by providing all building blocks which makes React as efficient as any framework. Unlike React, AngularJs does not offer exchangeable building blocks.

I hope this information helps you to know which is better Angular or React.

JSX to mix HTML and JavaScript!

React.js uses its own syntax known as JSX to build components. In the JSX component, you can combine HTML and JavaScript. Developers sometimes also add CSS in the mix for using inline styles in their elements.

While using ReactJS, you can use JavaScript to compose and manipulate your DOM. All this can be done by using HTML. React allows its users to use built-in JavaScript functionalities such as map and filter for displaying multiple (filtered) DOM nodes.

In contrast, while using Angular, you have a clear separation of concerns between logic and view. Angular uses built-in expressions such as ng-repeat (Angular 1.x) or ngFor (Angular 2) in HTML to accomplish the same thing as a native JavaScript map() in JSX.


Redux which is used along with React helps you to write and applications that behave consistently, run in different environments such as client, server and native and are easy to test.

Wondering what is Redux? So here you go. Redux is an open-source JavaScript library that helps to manage application state. It is used for building user interfaces along with libraries such as React or Angular.

React or Angular, which can prove to be a better combination with Redux. React and Redux is a perfect match because Redux is only a building block and the React ecosystem embraces building blocks.

Redux is the successor of the flux libraries and it is used widely in different cases. Did you know that flux philosophy already existed at the time when Dan Abramov introduced Redux in 2015?

React allows you to use Redux in the most natural way. React embraces the unidirectional data flow and therefore it is a perfect match for Redux.

Redux can help you in deciding which one to choose- React or Angular. With AngularJS, the developers had a serious issue in the process of scaling applications with state management. At times, it was required to implement a flux-like solution thus making it not a perfect companion like React for Redux.

React enables the developers to adopt the flux pattern and integrate it seamlessly into their ecosystem. This is why tech folks prefer to choose React if they are asked which is better Angular or React. You can hire web developer who can help you in building well-tailored applications suiting your business needs.

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Close to JavaScript

So here is another major difference between Angular and React that is worth noticing. As React.js is close to JavaScript, it allows you to learn a lot of new concepts about JavaScript. It is not only React, but it is also the entire ecosystem that embraces closeness to JavaScript. Let me explain this in detail.

For example, Redux, with its actions and reducers, is plain JavaScript. It is the whole Redux ecosystem that embraces to use native and upcoming native JavaScript functionalities such as generators and observables.

Another example is JavaScript ES6. React embraces ES6 too! ReactJS adopts all the benefits and advantages of ES6 and JavaScript ES6 is close to JavaScript. This is why working with Reactjs enables you to get familiar with JavaScript concepts.

This is not the case with AngularJS. It is always difficult to remember the syntax, expressions in HTML or declarations while using Angular. Developers tend to forget the concepts of Angular. They need the assistance of code snippets that they have created earlier while working with Angular.

The case isn’t the same the other way around. This is the major difference between React and Angular. Once you learn it, there is not that much to forget!

Functional Programming

What are the differences between React and Angular? If you still wish to know more about this question, then I am sure reading further will surely help.

Functional programming is seamlessly incorporated into React and its ecosystem. Perhaps it is because of the closeness to JavaScript that makes this possible. As a React developer, you can define and create functions.

React allows you to embrace these two- predictable and composable (higher-order) components using Functions. Let’s see how. You can return the same output with the same input (predictable). Secondly, you can use higher-order functions to compose them into each other (composable).

This is the reason why developers these days choose React over Angular. Functional Programming is another feature that helps you decide which technology to choose - Angular or React.

AngularJS vs React: Conclusion

After reading this blog on Angular vs React, I am pretty sure that by now you would have a clear idea of how React is better than Angular and why developers are choosing React over Angular more than ever before.

Among all the JavaScript frameworks, libraries, and tools used by the developers worldwide, 27.8 % of them use Reactjs for building business apps, says Statista.

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