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Understanding Slot Machine Terminology

Understanding Slot Machine Terminology

John Ridd 909 09-Feb-2020

There are many casino games out there but slot machines can be classified as every player’s bread and butter. 

If you are already in this industry, chances are that you started your gaming journey with slots.

Slot machines can be thrilling, they are also easy to tackle and most newbies start their gambling journey with them.

However, have you ever bothered to learn a few terminologies relating to this type of gaming?

Well, in this article, we will try to cover as many important terminologies as is possible. You can also visit Deluxe Casino Bonus for more infographic as well as additional tools that will help you succeed with slots.

1. Pay lines 

This is the most common term that you will often come across when playing slots. Pay lines are like the backbone of every slot game; they determine how much you can win.

Pay lines have lines that will indicate how much you can win. Every slot game has its own pay lines and none are like the other. However, having a slot game with multi pay lines places you at an advantage.

Pay lines vary and they start from as little as 243 to as many as 1024 pay lines. The higher the pay lines the higher the odds.

2. Multiplier

Another important terminology is the slot multiplier. This comes in handy when you are trying to land the bigger wins. The work of a multiplier is to simply multiply your winnings. It is found in both the bonus game rounds as well as in the base games.

For example, after a round of free spins, you manage to win up to 200 coins, if the slot indicates a multiplier of x4; you will be awarded a cool 800 coins. The higher the multiplier, the sweeter the pay-outs!

3. Bonus Rounds

We all love freebies, at least I do! Well, with a slot Bonus round, you are given extra gaming rounds that make gamification very interesting.

On most slots, these bonus rounds come in the form of free spins. For example, a slot may award you with a couple of free spins bonus round each time you land 4 or more scatter symbols. In most cases, this should be on an active pay line.

The best part of the bonus round is that it comes with extra winnings!

To get the best with slots, go for the ones that offer a bonus round because it will make the game not only interesting but also profitable.

4. Free Spins

Often times, you will come across these two terms on most slot machines. Free spins are every gamer’s dream because they have the potential to bring along huge perks.

So, how do you go about getting the free spins?

Well, on most slot games, the process is very simple.

You simply need to land on 3 or more of a symbol that the slot has indicated after which you are awarded the free spins.

If you are good at landing more of such symbols, you can even earn more free spins.

NetEnt is one of the prominent game developers who are very generous with free spins.

Additionally, you can find some online casinos offering new players a couple of free no deposit spins as a welcome package.

The best part of the free spins is that they can also be re-triggered.

5. Wilds and Scatter Symbols

Typically, slot machines come with 2 main bonus symbols: these are the scatter symbols and the wild. In most scenarios, you can use the wild to substitute for all other regular symbols but not for the scatter.

It is the wild symbol that helps you to form winning combinations on the slots pay lines.

The scatter has more than one role on the slot machines. With it, it means ease of access to the bonus rounds as well as additional wins.


Gone are the days when you had to dress up and head to the land-based casino to play your favourite slot.

With online slots, the games are always on your fingertips!

A lot of slots that are created by prominent developers come with a simple tutorial on how to play.

The best step is to try your hand in the many free slots online, and when you get the hang of it, you can comfortably cross over to the paid version.

Updated 10-Feb-2020
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