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Why WordPress is the Best Content Management System for Web Development

Why WordPress is the Best Content Management System for Web Development

Robert Jackson 747 05-Feb-2020

WordPress is one of the top-notch content management systems to date. Any company or business that wants to stand out from the crowd can contact the WordPress development company to get a robust corporate website. Apart from offering a strong online presence, the WordPress platform can help entrepreneurs promote their products and services in a cost-effective way. 

As an open-source content management system, WordPress has many benefits to offer to the corporate sector. As compared to other available platforms, WordPress is more popular, flexible, and powerful. This is the reason why around 15% of the top websites across the world are powered by WordPress. This platform makes quick development possible for the WordPress development company. You can integrate the necessary features and modify the website with ease at any point. Let us go through key factors that make WordPress the best content management system for developing enterprise-grade websites.


No website can get a higher ranking without the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in today’s competitive scenario. There is no exaggeration in considering SEO as the lifeblood of any website irrespective of the complexity and industry sector. Today, most companies understand the value of SEO for promoting their website in the online world and target specific audiences. Example if the website struggles to draw the visitor’s attention, WordPress can enable the company to edit its web content and apply SEO practices. Companies can readily implement various SEO techniques in a short time as the WordPress platform enables the users to get rid of changing the code. As compared to other open-source content management systems, WordPress is an easy-to-use platform. The marketing team can save their valuable time and effort in changing the code of the website for making it search engine-friendly. What’s more, the WordPress development company and the thriving WordPress developer community can easily fix the issues related to coding and site performance.

Simply put, WordPress is a great platform for implementing search engine optimization techniques. As a simple and reliable platform, it can build an SEO-friendly website and facilitate SEO executives to promote the website the way they want.

Cost Reduction

Usually, editing and modification of the website is an ongoing activity for the company to remain competitive in the rapidly changing online world. But then, the maintenance and modification cost can hurt the company’s budget, and this is especially true for startups. WordPress is a free-to-use platform and it can facilitate businesses to reduce such costs.

For developing a feature-rich and seamlessly-performing website, you need to take assistance from the WordPress development company. But, after having a website, your company’s in-house teams can take care of its frequent modification and regular maintenance. In other words, you may save big on WordPress site maintenance.  

What’s more, there is no need to buy costly plugins or themes as WordPress has a plethora of them. The client can get the website with desired features using a rich library of WordPress containing readymade plugins, themes, and the like. WordPress is a resource-rich framework and saves a lot of bucks of clients without compromising on the site’s performance. Also, if startups and small companies have budget constraints, it is possible to build a website with minimum necessary features using WordPress CMS.

Enhanced Security

A data breach can cause a lot of damage to the companies irrespective of their scale and size. These days, we witness a surge in the instances of data breach and cyberattacks. Therefore, cybersecurity always remains in the list of priorities for modern enterprises. No company wants to see their confidential data compromised and face the consequences. There, WordPress lends a helping hand. Companies can get additional security for their websites without spending a fortune. The WordPress platform can handle various concerns related to data threats effectively. A dedicated team of WordPress developers always keeps a close eye on all possible cyber-attacks.

As a reliable CMS, WordPress can handle malicious attacks and potential viruses in real-time. As a website owner, you need not put any additional efforts for the same. Focus on security has made WordPress one of the safest platforms for content management. The WordPress web development company can build a website that remains secure from any potential breaches.

Higher flexibility and scalability 

As mentioned above, WordPress has a rich library of plugins and themes. You can select from hundreds of thousands of themes for your business. It can give you a lot of options for selecting the most suitable theme. You can find the theme with ease that can address your business needs and fulfill the expectations of the target audience. WordPress also offers a lot of plugins for integrating desired functionality on the website while ensuring a seamless performance. Plugins are developed for improving the website’s user-friendliness, SEO-friendliness, content editing, image upload, and analyze the site performance. As compared to other platforms, WordPress has more plugins that offer higher scalability to the website.

Any company can hire WordPress developers to make the most of plugins and extensions provided by WordPress. The entire platform is easy-to-use and any person with a little or no technical knowledge can also run the WordPress-based website after having some practice and getting basic knowledge.

WordPress also saves a lot of time and effort of business owners and IT staff. The learning curve is easy for WordPress as compared to other platforms. It results in a faster development process and easier maintenance of the website. Also, WordPress has a thriving community of active and dedicated developers who can help us resolve any issues in a short time. In a nutshell, WordPress has every feature that makes it the best content management system for website development. When it comes to building an enterprise-grade website with excellent performance, WordPress remains a choice of hundreds of thousands of web developers and entrepreneurs alike. If you want to have a strong online presence through a seamlessly running website then WordPress should be your choice. All you need to select a reputed WordPress development company to give your business a competitive edge through customized web solutions.

Updated 05-Feb-2020
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