Tips for Planning An Adventurous Holidays

Tips for Planning An Adventurous Holidays

All of us at some point in our life need to take risks and enjoy the fun found in setting off on an adventure. If you relate to this same feeling, then this blog is definitely for you. We hope that by reading this, you will gain the confidence to not only book a solo trip, but at some point be ready for an adventure Paxos holiday of your own! Well, before proceeding, have you thought about booking a beach holiday on one of the smallest Greek islands in its group?

Tips for Planning An Adventerous Holidays

Located in the farthest corner of the Ionian Sea in Greece, Paxos is an island often overlooked by holiday goers due to it’s size, with the population consisting of just 3000 people.

The island is visited mostly by people who love to spend quality time in the arms of nature and enjoy a sense of compelte serenity. However, despite the island being known for its peacefull atmosphere, it still offers visitors the privilege of enjoying the fun of water sports and strolling along the many beaches and secret bays. If soaking up the mediteranian sun if more your style, there are a few beaches across the island you can venture to in order to enjoy this activity.You can also have the pleasure of taking in the mesmerizing view of a sunset or sunrise above the Ionian sea and so much more.

But, planning to travel alone wherever that may be, say for instance the small Greek island of Paxos, is not an easy task. You need to ensure that you’re prepared for any problem that may come your way. Therefore, before you start your journey to thisobscure island, we have put together some tips for you to consider.

Preparing yourself

If you are planning to embark solo trip, then you need to make yourself prepared for every challenge, especially if you are travelling alone for the first time. It’s important to keep in mind that throughout your time away, there will be no one to take care of you so you will have to manage everything for yourself. Interestingly, as the trend of travelling solo is becoming more popular, hotels are developed to provide accommodation which is equipped with all services and amenities that guests may need on demand. The villas in Paxos are no exception. Depending upon the number of guests, these villas are prepared to satisfy the living needs of travelers whether they are coming alone or with their friends and family. These villas are well maintained and everything is provided to the visitors on their demand, in addition to the regular services provided by the management of the villas.


There’s next to no one, whether they’re a man or woman, who would decide to walk along the beach without appropriate footwear. In our experience, carrying a pair of shoes that allow you to walk freely on the pebbled bays will help you enjoy your time at the beach. Therefore, if you’re wearing designer sandals or flipflops, don’t forgetto carry sneakers with you so it is comfortable for you to make the most of your stroll along the shore.

Carrying food and water

Although, the month of June can reach high temperatures,it is also the best time to explore the beauty of Paxos Island. The temperature during June ranges between moderate and hot with light rain and cool nights. Although, due to the hot atmosphere, the sea storms can tend to occur at regular intervals, thus cooling the environment. Although there are lots of tavernas where you can enjoy the taste of local food, still carrying food and sufficient water during the daytime and when exploring the surrounding areas will keep you energized and also protect you from becoming dehydrated.

Mobile Phone

Keeping your mobile phone at home during the holidays to prevent you from being disturbed has become a common practice in today’s society, as people are looking to take a break from constant social pressure. Despite this new trend, when taking a solo trip, this can be quite riskyif you become lost whilst exploring local attractions, walkinglate at night or want to contact your family members in case of an emergency. The flashlight of your phone and the availability of the GPS will also come in handy in locating your villa without any hassle.

Flippers and Snorkel

Holidaying at a beachside destination is incomplete without partaking in some water sports, especially if you are planning for your trip to be adventurous. Therefore, do not forget to carry flippers and a snorkel with you to discover the world below the sealine. However, in case if you do forget to carry these items or don’t want the hassle of loading them in your bag, then at the very least you should keep some swimming goggles with you to maxmise potential locations you can explore.

Besides these preparations, you must always provide the contact details and address of your villa or hotel to your family members and friends so that they are able to contact you in case of an emergency.

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