Lab grown diamonds a sustainable and responsible choice

Lab grown diamonds a sustainable and responsible choice

A lab-grown diamonds are a real diamond made in a laboratory. In timeless white or rare color. A diamond referred to as 'lab-grown' is a conscious, responsible and contemporary choice.
Synthetic diamonds also called 'Man-made diamonds' or 'Lab-grown diamonds'are real diamonds. However, they have no natural origin. In special laboratories, it is possible to create rough diamonds with advanced techniques under extremely high pressure and temperature. By subsequently grinding them, beautiful stones are created that can be set in jewels. We like to keep working with these stones transparent. That is why we prefer to call 'Man-made diamonds' or 'Lab-grown diamonds' simply synthetic diamonds.
A synthetic diamond has exactly the same characteristic properties as a natural diamond. It is just as hard and just as beautiful. However, the environment is hardly harmed during production. A synthetic diamond is also a socially responsible product. A nice extra is that synthetic diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds.
Are you looking for a synthetic diamond? At pure karat in Mumbai, we can give you excellent advice on this. In all our jewelry we can process synthetic diamonds on request. Because this market is still relatively new, unknown and not undisputed in the diamond world, we also work with natural diamonds. To prevent uncertainty and to ensure transparency, our stocks of diamonds are strictly separated. In addition, we provide a statement of origin for all synthetic diamonds. All stones from 0.30 carat are even delivered with a certificate from the International Gemological Institute.
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Lab grown diamonds a sustainable and responsible choice
Lab grown diamonds a sustainable and responsible choice

Synthetic diamond
  • Has the same characteristics as a natural diamond
  • Has the same quality as a natural diamond
  • Shines just as beautifully as a natural diamond
  • Is a sustainable choice
  • And is more affordable than a natural diamond
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