Top 7 Steps You Can Take To Cope Up With Stress And Have a Healthy Life .

Top 7 Steps You Can Take To Cope Up With Stress And Have a Healthy Life .

Top 7 Steps You Can Take To Cope Up With Stress And Have a Healthy Life .

1. Know Yourself .

Do you know yourself ? Do you know about your body ? Do you know about your daily routine and habits ? If no , then surely you are not leading a healthy and balanced life and unbalanced life leads to negativity , unhealthy body and lots of Mental Stress .

For a healthy life style you must know what are you doing with yourself , what are your plans,your duties,your responsibility towards oneself .Talk to yourself,isolate yourself but in a positive way,examine yourself. Give yourself a better service,ask yourself what do you need ? what do you want to do ? what are you doing today ? what are your objectives ?

Remember one thing always be polite and honest with yourself because only you know what are your cons and how it can fixed . Don't ever lie to yourself .If you know yourself you will do systematic and productive thing with your life,you will know what can suit you best and you will have a well planned and healthy life .

2. Balanced Diet (KNOW YOUR FOOD ).

The word Balance is such a great word to adopt in our life style,it gives us stability and that leads to success,when you do your things in a linear way with balanced lifestyle you will achieve great things in your life.

Balanced lifestyle came from Balanced diet,and balanced diet is what you eat and what you absorb in your should know your food,you should know what you are eating and what you are absorbing in a balanced way .

A good and balanced diet is that contains everything that is essential for your body.If your body will be good your thinking will be good , positive vibes will always there in your mind and you can easily fight with negativity and stress and have healthy life .

3. Discipline

Basic fundamental of life is discipline,it is that one of the most important thing that you should inherit from your idols,the people who you look up to,your elders.Discipline is just one thing that act as a base for all your good thing .

Example,if you start some good habits and you are not discipline enough to continue it further what is the point ? Thing start happening good when you continue doing it,when you are discipline enough to engross that thing in your life other wise their is no point to do anything,if you cannot lead that thing to an end or occupy that thing in your life .

Continuity , rigidness and focus is what i call discipline towards one-thing,and if you are on this discipline path then surely you will lead a happy life .

4. Workout and Meditation .

Workout and Meditation are essential and the most important entity to prosperous a healthy life,without this your life will be dull and low,you will be more vulnerable to diseases and unhealthy life .

Try to be close with nature,trust me it will give you bulk of positivity,greenery gives you colorful life , it gives you freshness and purity in your body , when we intake pure things into our body we will automatically function good.

You can do any exercise you want,go out move your body,pay attention to your body,you have to give only 30-45 mins daily for this,and the end result will be marvelous,you will update yourself day by day , you will be fit and thus you will ejaculate negativity and absorb positivity in your body.

5. Your Surrounding and Environment.

Your surrounding defines what you are as a character .Surrounding plays yet another important part in our life style,from the young age our parents constantly tries to educate about our surrounding,people and situations .These are the things where you evolved as an human your thinking,point of view and your judgments are just the end result of your surrounding .

For a fruitful healthy life you should maintain your surrounding with people who are knowledgeable,positive,visionary and innovative in their moral issues .

6. Family.

The most important yet underrated part of our life nowadays is our family,we get so involved in our social,private life that we almost forget our roots,our origin .Having a family is like having a power house of support,care and love .

When we are with family we get immense love and we love them back,they support us, admire us in everything .Having a family is like you are being protected , you are being guided , mentored in our better way of living a healthy life .

Family teaches us the companionship ,togetherness , the great bonding and it help us to gain happiness and positivity .

I must recommend you to start your bonding with your family,try to communicate with them, ask them about different things,take suggestion they really adore that and try to give your time,trust me with the support of your family you will do great things in your life .

7. Travel and Read .

Travel means exploration , which leads to evolution of your persona .Travel gives you both immense knowledge and wisdom .The more you travel the more you understand,the more you understand the more you get and that can be anything it could be experience, knowledge,paths,people and relations .

Travel solo or with family but travel and second thing is Read,trust me it is the best exercise for your brain,it will enlarge your thinking ability,it will give you wide range of references from different people's point of view .

You will understand thing more precisely and effectively,it will help you to make better and mature decision .

Everyone should read at-least some article,books or whatever they want that gives more profound knowledge about life,people,spiritual or anything that are helpful for their life to be healthy and positive .

These are something that you can adopt for a healthy life style,there can be more things you can do to have a happy and healthy life so pull your socks up and start doing. 

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Anas .

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