Services which every corporate law firm should offer

Services which every corporate law firm should offer

As the name implies corporate law firms deal with all the statutory and legal requirements of corporates, multinational companies, large organisations etc. In fact, a corporate law firm in delhi offers services right from the commencement of the firm and continue to provide legal help and advice until such time as the firm is in existence. The gamut of services offered by these firms, is thus, pretty varied. Some of the important areas of business where contributions from the same are mandatorily required are:

• Strategy advice: This includes ensuring that all transactions that take place in business are in sync with the rules and regulations formulated by the government. In fact, all monetary flows need to be made in a structured manner so that they follow the guidelines and regulations of such regulatory bodies like FDI, SEBI, Income Tax, etc. Lawyers employed by corporate law firms also help to strengthen the deal structure of the company and help them solve complex issues effectively.

• Transaction support: There are several transaction documents which are regularly used by corporates in their day to day dealings. Some examples of these documents include term sheets, shareholder agreements, non-disclosure agreement, business purchase agreement etc. These documents need to drafted, negotiated, reviewed, finalised and executed in a way that they look into the best interests of the company. Lawyers in Bangalore corporate firms are experts in these things and hence provide the best possible transaction support to their corporate clients.

• Support for regulatory audit: There are several audit processes which every corporate has to undergo. These include drafting and filing of regulatory approvals, consent processes, permits and sanctions etc., as and when required. A corporate law firm looks into all these aspects and also helps the corporate clients save substantially by conducting studies and surveys for optimisation of taxes.

• Post-closure support: This is very important support provided to corporates by the law firms that they are associated with. There are several aspects to this which includes such things as integration planning, board restructuring, risk mitigation, listing agreement compliances and much other related statutory compliance that need to be followed. In order to ensure that the corporate keeps on the right side of the government rules and regulations which govern the operation of the same, these corporate law firms ensure dedicated support specific to the corporate clients that they serve.

• Commercial and corporate laws advisory functions: There are several rules and regulations which need to be followed for the successful running of a business or corporate. These rules and regulations also need records to be maintained in specific ways with the regular filing of returns based on needs specific to the statutory law. Non-filing of these returns or non-compliance with its rules and regulations attract a heavy penalty which directly affects the profitability of the corporate. Tying up with a corporate law firm in delhi ensures that all processes are properly followed and these penalties are avoided.

• Miscellaneous support: There are several other types of support that these firms offer like providing assistance to stakeholders, co-investors, lead investors, sponsors etc. Thus these firms also act as the investment advisor for the corporate and help make substantial savings in a way that they do not have to pay hefty taxes on the same.

In order to be able to successfully help the corporates that they service these law firms ensure that they are:

• Extremely professional and client-centric in their outlook,

• Solution-oriented with excellent response time,

• Commercially in sync with the needs of the corporates,

• Innovative in their approach,

• Accessible with good communication,

• A healthy mixture of commercial as well as legal experts etc.

This helps to ensure that corporates that they serve are able to contact them at the moment an issue occurs. In fact, most of these corporate law firms employ lawyers who are stationed at the offices of their corporate clients. This helps the lawyers to be in sync with what is happening on a daily basis. These lawyers in Bangalore corporate law firms, thus, sit with the legal, audit, accounts, planning and execution departments etc., so that they are able to spot a problem and implement solutions before these problems escalate or get blown out of proportion.

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