Salary Negotiation Advice - Get What You Are Worth

Salary Negotiation Advice - Get What You Are Worth

Getting the right job is absolutely necessary for everyone with any give skill. Problem most people often face is that at a later time in their career, the realization comes that the job is not best for them. This often has to do most with salary packages and what you make from the job.

A salary package you agree to will go a long way in defining your career growth. If you are not able to negotiate a favorable starting salary, your career down the line will not always be supportive. Also, people often underestimate their worth when starting a new job.

It is of vital significance to negotiate a great salary package while starting any job. The right career advice is always necessary for everyone. Here are a few tips that will help you do just that:

Know What You Are Worth

Knowing your value in terms of how much you should be getting for what you offer is basic. Yet, many people actually might negotiate much less that what they should or can get.

The going salary package for your applied position plays a vital role too. You should talk to recruiters and get a precise idea about what you should be getting and which jobs you should apply at.

Always Pick Top of the Range

Having gotten an idea of the salary range for your expertise, it is important to start from the very top. You might not always get the very top going salary for the position. Starting from the top is always vital.

When you start from the top, chances are that the recruiter might settle on something attractive. Middle range startup might place you somewhere in the bottom half.

Quote a Precise Exact Number

Researchers at Columbia Business School have concluded that asking for a very specific number is the best way to go. Rounding off asking salary packages often gets you a lower number than you expect.

Instead of going like $60,000, go with something like $56,850. This creates an impression in recruiter’s mind that you have researched market well and know what you are talking about.

Play the Waiting Game

Often, recruiters might conduct more than one interviews in order to check their options out. They might use this to leverage a lower salary package for the person they find most interesting.

If you feel you are that person, be sure to let them think longer on your case. Instead of agreeing to the lower number they offer on the spot, play the waiting game and let them call you back.

Be Willing to Walk Away

Also, you might not get your desired salary package number during the first interview or the first few interviews. Be willing to walk away and look for a salary package that suits your skills.

If you get a low salary start, surely it will take time for your package to rise to a number you deserve. Also, walking away might also tell recruiters that you mean something and they can also call you back.

Prepare a Brag Sheet

A one-page document that lists all your accomplishments and achievements is called a brag sheet. Only experienced and top skilled people might be able to come up with a brag sheet though.

Preparing a brag sheet will tell recruiters exactly what you are capable of. List all your awesomeness in that sheet and let recruiters find out how you can be perfect for them.

Try to Manage Your Interview on Thursday

It doesn’t always have to be precisely Thursday too. Any later day of the week should be good. Start of the week days are often hard-nosed and disagreeable for everyone including recruiters.

When you negotiate your salary package on a Thursday or a Friday, chances are that their approach should be maimed. Find the right time of the day to ask as well. Afternoon time usually works best.

Walk in With Confidence and Ask Your Own Questions

Asking questions is recruiter’s job you might think. When an applicant asks questions on the relevant topic, it creates a sense of confidence. Be as confident as you can be during an interview.

It depends on your extensive job search to search exactly what suits your skills. Walk in for the interview full on confidence and sort of take them off guard by asking a few questions of your own.

Customize Your Resume Perfectly

When applying for any job, it is greatly important to have your resume customized right for it. Be sure to customize resume according to the job requirements. Add any missing skills that you have to match.

Usually, people create just general resumes that are relevant to their skills but are missing certain features. Be sure to read the job application accurately and add any missing skills in before applying.

Tell Them How You Are Different

Recruiters are often looking for recruits that are different than everyone else. A major part of negotiating the best salary package has to do with what they think about you.

Be sure to tell them how different you are to every other applicant that they have interviewed. Highlight personal projects or freelance works that are of relevance to them advertise position to stand out.

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