5 Ways To Detect A Fake Appointment Letter

5 Ways To Detect A Fake Appointment Letter

You just can’t ignore the alarming rate at which cut-throat competition is rising in the corporate world. Everyone is ready to step on others in order to win the race. Now, the desire to build an advanced professional career always starts with hunting for the best job. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of job seekers. One, who plays it fair, chooses to hustle and follows the predefined path to get the job of their dreams. And the second type wants things the quick and easy way!

Their ultimate aim is to grab the offer from their dream company and they’ll do whatever it takes to achieve the same. There is a good chance that the latter category indulges in different kinds of fraudulent activities to get through. Forgery of official documents is the most common of such malice. Candidates tend to produce fake papers at the time of recruitment in order to show professional experience that actually never existed. One such document is the appointment or offer letter from previous companies, demanded at the time of job interviews by employers to check the suitability and competence of the applicant.

Let us walk through some of the ways you, as an interviewer can check whether the appointment letter shared with you is genuine or not:

Are the search results adding up?

The first thing to do when a candidate sends an official document across as proof of prior experience and employment is search for the organization’s name and check the information that follows. Now, match the particulars that are posted on the web with the ones mentioned on the piece of paper. If both add up, you can give the candidate a chance without reading too much into the document.

Check the mailer’s address

Be it an online mail or a hard copy received via post, you can always cross-check the address mentioned on it. While verifying the deets of an official document, it is imperative to examine the authenticity of the sender’s/ mailer’s address. It gives you confirmation that the source of information put on paper is correct and can be trusted.

Look into the minute details

There are several loopholes that a fake appointment letter may have. You just have to be extra attentive while screening the piece of paper and you can easily observe the discrepancies. By minute details, we mean:

  • The company logo/ watermark
  • The formality of tone and grammar
  • The dates, times and locations
  • The signature of the sender

Verify if job description matches KRAs

This is the gravest of errors that candidates are likely to make while creating a fake document. The job applied for, the work profile mentioned on paper, the job description for the title mentioned and the key result areas that describe the responsibilities are not telling the same things. You can sense it from the non-aligning and contradictory statement written on the letter that it is a fake. You can find samples for appointment letter format in word on HROne to match the requirements of an official document and see for yourself if it suffices or not.

BGV is the final shot

If you still find something suspicious and can’t convince yourself that the candidate is 100% genuine, then wait and leave everything to the background verification process. You can hire a third party BGV team to validate the authenticity of the prospective employees and the documents submitted by them. This is an unprecedented procedure that almost all companies use to recruit and onboard genuine and faithful employees.

Organizations are always at the risk of losing confidential information and getting their secret operational mantras exposed. Detecting the official letters, thereby inviting the bona fide workforce to the company reduces such risks to a great extent. So, the takeaway from these points is that it is extremely important to check whether you are hiring the right candidate or not through the Genuity of documents that they submit in the very beginning.

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