Potential Use of Nonwovens in Automotive Industry

Potential Use of Nonwovens in Automotive Industry


Textiles are used in cars for different purposes. They have multiple uses in the Automotive Industry. Substantial increase of nonwovens in this industry has provide a great platform to Interlining manufacturing Industry. The various features of these material are sound efficiency, light weight, flexibility, low process and material cost, mould ability, flexibility, versatility, recyclability and attractive cost performance ratio.

Decrease the weight

According to the International Nonwovens Association, nonwovens when replacing the traditional materials reduce the weight of the car by 2 kg. Their use makes the car lighter. As the material itself is 30% lighter than the material it is replacing.

Acoustic Property

The material offer sound absorption a perfect fit for the Automotive Industry. As almost every textile has some potential for acoustic function. These textiles are used in many applications involving acoustics like acoustic control in headliners, in dashboard insulation, wheel housing etc.

Cost/Performance Ratio

Further with increasingly demand for cost efficiency from producers, these nonwovens are gaining high market potential as they seems to appear at the right time at the right place gaining an edge over wovens in many applications. Like the needle punch nonwovens are easily moldable, have great appearance and are cost effective too. They are replacing rapidly other materials as they are cost effective.

Go Greener

Using nonwovens is greener. It has been well established through the facts that using nonwovens in cars have 30 percent less impact on environment. As environment problems are a major issue these days that needed to be resolved. Environment concerns continues to grow from governmental groups and leaders to individuals.


To conclude, nonwoven fabrics are widely used in Automotive Industry these days, even if the customer driving the car doesn’t know it. There are as many as 40 types of different applications where these interlinings are put to use. To be more precise, on an average there are around 38 yards of fabric that is being used in every vehicle.

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