How to use public speaking in your marketing plan

How to use public speaking in your marketing plan

Often it happens that a brand or company falls off the radar of the customer’s mind because they do not have anything big coming up. No new announcements, product launches or endorsements means that the brand is no more featuring in the customer's mindset. To avoid that you can use speaking at conferences as an important tool. If you are still wondering about how to do that here, we tell some tips to make public speaking a part of your marketing efforts.

Identify conferences related to you

Most of the conferences held want your submission well in advance and hence you must start looking for the same in advance. On the internet, you have subscription services that would give you a list of conferences basis your geographical area, industry, and date availability. Otherwise, also you would get a list of such events if you search with the necessary details. Just decide which ones are fruitful for your industry and should be considered.

Make a database

Some of the conferences happen every year at the same time and if you make a list of them it becomes easier to approach them. You can use online software for the same or excel is the best bet. Just mention details like name, date, submission date, type of speakers, contact information, conference URL and other details. Checking all the details from different sources is mandatory to avoid missing something important.

Identify the best speakers

It is not necessary that the CEO of your company has the acumen to present a good speech on stage. First, find out a speaker who is capable of handling any kind of such tasks with ease. Look for suitable people in your organization who have the flair to present and even answer any queries that would come forth. For example, you cannot expect the CFO to present on digital marketing even though he may have the speech skills required.

Modify speaker submissions

Next, you would have to customize speaker submissions as the type of conference. While some of them want a detailed presentation, others expect only small takeaways to be offered. Be selective when you choose the right conference to participate in. Any speech takes time to create and practice and its no point applying for a conference that is not related to your field.

Maximize the opportunity

Once you have secured a position to deliver a speech do not let go of the chance. Use public speaking marketing as a means to leverage PR opportunities for your brand. The fact that you are using executives to propel your brand identity is also going to work in your favor. Later use your PR to formulate press releases about the entire event and gather relevant mileage.


Public speaking is a platform that gives your brand a strong push. However, you really need to know how to get this done and the above tips give you a fair idea. Plan well in time for all such initiatives and your brand is sure to get the exposure that is needed to make it well known.

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