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Amazing Steps to Change Phone number on Facebook

Amazing Steps to Change Phone number on Facebook

Hailey Lewis 736 27-Jan-2020

Facebook is one of the social networking websites around the world. It provides several options to its individuals to personalize their profile. Using those features, one can change the Phone number on Facebook. If you want to know how to change Phone number on Facebook, here are the steps that you can proceed.

To add a new mobile phone number to your account, or switch numbers:

  • Hit on the top right corner of the screen and tap on the option of “Settings”.
  • Click on Mobile and change the number by hitting on “Add another mobile phone number” to activate a new number.
  • Type your mobile phone number and click on the option of “Continue”.

Once the individual adds the Phone number to Facebook and then enables the two-factor authentication systematically, and the number is used for the purpose to set out in the Data policy.

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Updated 27-Jan-2020
Hailey Lewis

Hailey Lewis

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