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Top 5 Tips for Ethical Hackers Share

Top 5 Tips for Ethical Hackers Share

Sravan Cynixit 668 24-Jan-2020

From information security analysts to security managers, cyber security-related careers are currently high in demand. One profession, in particular, is called upon by countless major companies.

BRING OUT THE HACKERS! There is a slight difference between what a hacker and an “ethical” hacker do for their job. The hackers that we know illegally break in and harm a system through making use of its faults and weaknesses. Most hackers have an ulterior motive to gain something out of it. In contrast, “ethical” hackers attempt to break into systems to help the organisation they work for to improve their security measures, getting rid of bugs, and fixing weaknesses in the system. So wear your “white hat” and here are the top 5 tips to become an “ethical” hacker, guaranteed. To become a certified ethical hacker go through Ethical Hacking Training

GAIN KNOWLEDGE, explore the world of technology inside out, from learning to code in different programming languages to understanding how operating systems and networks work. All and more of these soft skills are required and improved as an ethical hacker.

GAIN EXPERIENCE through work. Working for numerous years will naturally improve your abilities as well as develop your professionalism in hacking. Remember, experience require patience and effort to reach your end goal.

MAKE PRACTICAL USE OF YOUR SKILLS. Being an ethical hacker does not only require textbook knowledge. Hackers must know several methods to break down firewalls, encrypt codes. Cyber security is a risky field to work in, so you must rely on more than knowledge and experience. Hackers must think ‘outside the system’ to break in the system. That way improvements and security measures will be made to protect networks and systems will be more impenetrable.

ALWAYS ATTEMPT IN CRACKING THE CODE. Every time you succeed in a penetration test is a step towards improvement in security measures, and a step closer to make an impenetrable system. This will do you good for the general public’s sake. Take your career to new heights of success with an Cyber Security Online Training

GET A CERTIFICATION No one will hire you if they don’t know your qualifications, even if you have proficient skills to hack through a system. Obtaining a certification will allow companies to notice you, opening up to more professional opportunities within the cyber security careers. That's why joining a course like Coder Academy's new Cyber Security bootcamp course in Australia is a fantastic idea! Gain the skills you need to be an Ethical Hacker, Penetration Tester or entry-level cyber security professional in 7 months plus an accredited qualification and optional 1 month internship.

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