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Getting Your Arizona Home Ready for Sale: 5 Common Staging Mistakes

Getting Your Arizona Home Ready for Sale: 5 Common Staging Mistakes

Zac Walker 555 23-Jan-2020

From Scottsdale to Phoenix to Paradise Valley, the vital importance of properly staging an Arizona home in advance of putting it on the market for sale. Due to the competitive nature of the Arizona real estate market, the importance of employing effective staging techniques cannot be underestimated. Also, an Arizona homeowner needs to avoid five common staging mistakes.

We have discussed this matter with some experts and managed to gather the following key points for those who want to make a successful sale. The irony is people do not need to take action and do specific things, they only need to avoid making mistakes!

Too Many Knickknacks on Display

A major staging mistake is the failure to stow away knickknacks. A majority of people like to populate their homes with items of different types that have meaning to them or that appeal to them in some manner. The reality is that these have no meaning to prospective home buyers. They distract from providing a potential buyer from having a clear picture of the full potential of a home.

Overabundance of Furniture

When people are on the market for a home, they like to imagine a property as it will be, then they can decide on making the purchase. As is the case with knickknacks all over a home, too much furniture distracts and makes it challenging for a prospective buyer to have a solid idea of a residence’s full possibilities.

Study how those stores set their furniture for sale. They usually use the best combinations, colors, and styles to attract customers and make sales. You are going to make a bigger sale, make your place look like something people would want to live in.

Presence of Strong Smells

A prevalent staging mistake involves strong smells in a residence. When it comes to smells in a residence, a homeowner cannot overlook eliminating unpleasant odors that exist in a home. This includes pet smells, cooking odors, and other scents that a homeowner may be used to, but which would be noticeable to a prospective buyer. Besides, a homeowner needs to avoid the blunder of overwhelming a residence with strong scents intended to deodorize. Individuals have their scent preferences; what is pleasing to one person is not to another.

Lack of Light

Another staging mistake is the failure to properly illuminate a home when a prospective buyer is on sight. Avoiding a lack of light is an easy staging mistake to fix. Open drapes and blinds to bring in natural light. Lights throughout a residence should be turned on when the property is being shown. You could even use decorating lights to glorify specific parts of your place.

Rooms Left Empty

Finally, we’ve discussed the need to avoid clutter in a residence headed for the market. At the other extreme, rooms in a home for sale cannot be left empty. Some suitable furnishing and other accouterments need to be placed in any room in which these items are lacking. Keep in mind that they should see how their home is going to look like once they place everything in their places.

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