Boris Wolfman has shown why innovation matters most for business success

Turkish growers have set an example in using innovative agricultural techniques introduced by the Israelis that have helped them turn arid and dry lands into flourishing agricultural lands and transformed their lives. The inspiration behind the innovative surge in the agricultural sector of Turkey is an entrepreneur and visionary, Boris Wolfman, who runs a huge business empire in the country that enjoys global footprints. What began as a humble business venture has turned into a behemoth today with interests in diverse products and areas ranging from agriculture, oil, and fruits to iron, coal, and manganese, tableware and dinnerware, mineral water many more. Besides the growth achieved, Royal innovative has grabbed worldwide attention due to its exemplary growth driven by the innovations that have stimulated its revenues manifold.  

Well known for his innovative nature that runs in his blood, Wolfman, an Israeli who are natural innovators, has transformed the business of Royal Innovative that commands a global presence and keeps spreading its wings at a fast pace. The concerted efforts of Wolfman with a strong focus on technology have enabled him to select the lines of businesses carefully to ensure that it hits the growth trajectory fast and easily. At the heart of the success is his innovative spirit and outlook that constantly re-invents the business processes and makes its existence felt in some of the most promising sectors like biofuels that are likely to become the biggest game-changers in the years to come. Another mark of Wolman’s innovation is evident in the various tie-ups that he has entered into with multiple marketers in order to spread his business across many continents.

Boris Wolfman - Innovation is the key to business success

It is not just enough to avail of the opportunities of business that come up, but to ensure fast growth, it is necessary to create more opportunities through innovation. This is what can set any organization apart from the rest, as evident from the achievements of Royal Innovative. Besides creating new opportunities, innovation also helps to do things differently, which leads to quick and long-standing success. Seizing the opportunities of change and channelizing it in the right direction is only possible when you can look at it from a different perspective that helps to navigate the choppy waters of competition more confidently. To cope with a highly volatile business landscape and emerge a winner, you must have a penchant for innovation and apply it successfully to your business, as done by Wolfman.

How to use innovation

Company leaders are well aware that future success depends on their abilities to become innovative to chart the path for quick growth with sustainable results. Companies must use innovation as a technological and strategic tool in order to develop an agile innovation culture that stimulates the business processes for better efficiency and growth. It finally boils down to taking bold steps to achieve business outcomes like improving the return on investment for the shareholders, achieving the goals of business growth, improving productivity and profitability and expanding the footprints across the markets by effectively countering the external challenges with the help of technological and human resources who are inspired to do things differently. Most importantly, innovation helps companies to stay relevant in the market and plays a crucial role in economic growth.

What is innovation?

Business progress depends on the ability of business leaders to infuse new ideas into a business that drives it towards fast growth and prosperity. And this is what innovation is all about. Doing something new just for the sake of it does not help, but innovation is all about doing new things with a purpose that streamlines the business process and makes it more effective. In simple words, the results of innovation must reflect in business achievements, and it is about doing much more than just trying to gain a competitive advantage. Innovation brings in change, and change is the only way to progress, but one must be cautious about avoiding doing anything in the name of innovation that can have undesirable consequences. Experimenting to do new things with an eye to the future with a thorough understanding of the business capabilities and available resources is the recipe for innovation.

To encourage innovation and apply it for business growth and progress, one must pay attention to the following aspects of business management to ensure increased business engagement and competitiveness.

An effective response to unforeseen events

Having the spirit and strength to act differently is the hallmark of any innovator, but one must be competent enough to think critically and have the aptitude for thinking critically. Identifying opportunities is important, but as an innovator, you must foresee challenges and solve it besides responding to external crises and unprecedented events in completely different ways. The actions should help to transform your ideas into effective solutions that were not available earlier, and people should accept it, enjoy the results, and even cherish it.

Creativity in problem-solving

Any problem has several solutions, some quite visible, and some only seen by those who have an innovative eye that allows them to have a different take at it. One must act with caution because innovation is not only about being creative but also effective actions so that the results are seen by one and all, and it has a positive impact on business. By identifying possible challenges and resolving it before it can have an adverse effect on business is one of the markers of innovation. Moreover, the solutions should lead to tangible gains by improving the lives of people and changing the way we live.

Catching up with technology

 One of the traits of innovativeness is that it encourages the use of technology to improve business prospects. Digitizing business operations for streamlining business processes and improving business efficiencies is an example of business innovation that leads to faster growth and more customer satisfaction. Had it not been for innovative business leaders, the process of digitizing businesses for better business outcomes would never have been possible.

By banking on innovation, companies can respond to increased customer choices and meet their growing expectations. It results in passing on more value to customers that contribute immensely to improving profitability.

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