Gas vs Electric Water Heating Solution: Pros and Cons

Gas vs Electric Water Heating Solution: Pros and Cons

Climate is changing and human is adapting to the changing climate in his own way by implementing several life-changing techniques. Your home is not different where you want to have every means to relax and enjoy each and every moment. 

Cold weather is becoming a part of our life as the weather is changing and we require warm water for all uses. This is thanks to the science educating us and companies like Glow Heating Services helping us to get warm water in freezing cold weather too. Science discovered several techniques to apply in our home to get heated water. For example, we can mention the gas heating system and electric heating system. Today we are going to heating techniques and to help you to choose between gas and electric water heaters for your sweet home.

Gas Based Water Heating System

In a simple word, you will burn the natural gas to heat your water. Yes, its that simple. Like all other technologies, it has pros and cons.


  • Natural gas is cheaper than electricity and as a result, it costs less than the electric water heating system.
  • There may be a blackout in the case of electricity, so gas water heaters are more reliable.
  • The flow rate of the gas water heating system can vary based on the selected model.


  • The gas-based water heating system requires almost double the cost than the electric heating system.
  • The installation of a gas water heating system requires more skilled manpower and much more cordial inspection.
  • Maintenance of gas water heating system is tougher and requires regular inspection and concern. Replacing may incur a good expenditure.
  • Lasts less than the electric heating system.

Electricity Based Water Heating System

The water will be heated using the available electricity. The pros and cons can be demonstrated as below:


  • The initial cost of installation is very much less than the gas-based system.
  • Installation is easy and can be set up within a very short time.
  • Almost no maintenance is required compared to gas water heating technology.
  • Lasts longer than gas water heating technology. Replacing the system is also easy and almost risk-free.
  • The flow rate of 3 to 8 gallons per minute provides good coverage for almost all types of households.


  • Everyone knows the electricity price is higher. So you need to spend a good amount of money every month to get the service.
  • Blackouts may cause serious problems in case you are living in a very cold climatic area.

Environmental Concern

The use of gas and electricity both can be detrimental to the environment. The most commonly used fuel for electricity generation is coal. By using electricity, you are emitting Carbon-Di-Oxide and other substances to nature as a consumer(secondarily).

On the other hand, the use of natural gas can produce Carbon-Di-Oxide, which you are emitting directly. So, in this case, you are also doing harm to the environment.

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