Pet stains are a very common problem. It is a problem of all the homes that contain pets. Most of the pets are trained to vomit or pee at a proper place. However, until they are fully trained, they can create a mess in the home. So, in a carpeted home pet stain remover for carpets is an important part of the home. There are many ways to remove pet stains. Some are conventional methods others are new chemical methods which are more effective than the formers. Here we will discuss the three most important methods of pet stain removers for carpets. However, there is some common work that needed to be done before applying any of the three methods which we will discuss below.

The common work that needed to be done before applying the below discuss methods would need an old paint scraper, gloves, absorbent, lukewarm water and a spray bottle. First of all, we will spot the stain. After the stain has been spotted, we will pour some water on it. Then, it is the time to apply the paint scraper on it. After that, use the absorbent to soak as much water as you can. Apply it multiple times to absorb all of the water. Then remove the residue that came out of that spot by applying the scrapper. After that, we can apply any of the three methods discussed below to remove the stain completely.

1. APPLYING HYDROGEN PEROXIDE AND DISH SOAP ALONG WITH HOT WATER: The method after carrying out the above process is to use hydrogen peroxide and dish soap on the stain along with hot water. All we have to do is to take hydrogen peroxide and mix it with water in a spray bottle. The amount of hydrogen peroxide must be double than the amount of water. Then some drops of dish soap are supposed to be added in the bottle. Pour the prepared mixture on to the stain with the help of spray bottle. It is time to leave the mixture on to the stain so it can show its magic. After almost ten minutes trying to soak the mixture with the help of an absorbent. It is good if the stain has gone in the first attempt otherwise go on with repeating the cycle until the stain is completely wiped from the carpet. It is a very harmful process. Kids and pets must be kept at a distance from the point where it is being applied.

2. APPLYING VINEGAR AND BAKING SODA: This is a simple method. However, it is very time-consuming. It can take as long as a day to remove a single stain. Coming back to the point, to remove pet stain by this method we have to take vinegar in a spray bottle and sprinkle it upon the stain. Let it work for a few minutes, then we have to sprinkle baking soda upon it. Then it must be allowed to dry up. After that, the residue of baking soda can be vacuumed up. This is a very dangerous process. It is advised that the kids and the pets must be kept away from it.

3. APPLYING PET STAIN REMOVERS FOR CARPETS AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET: There are many products available in the market. They are specially designed as pet stain removers for carpets. They can simply be applied to the affected areas and they will remove the stains within minutes. However, they will reduce the life of the carpet. So, it is advised that before resorting to any market product, a person must try to remove the stain by the above two mentioned methods. Use this method only as a last resort when the stain cannot be removed by the above two methods. It will save your carpet as well as your money.


Pet stain removers for carpets have been discussed in-depth in this article. Further, it also depends upon a person to apply the above procedure gently to not let the stain spread to the unaffected areas. By this, one can be able to keep his house clean while keeping his pets in good faith.

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