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A Brief Study On How AI Is About To Replace Most Of The Older Technologies

A Brief Study On How AI Is About To Replace Most Of The Older Technologies

Ammie Jackson 683 13-Jan-2020

Soon, AI will be an integral part of everything that we do and eventually take over most of the activities that require human ability today.” — Varghese Samuel, CEO, Fingent.

Tools like calculators & scanners have become things of the past & are getting replaced by smarter AI. Read to know about AI innovations in healthcare, education and much more.

Scientists and statisticians predict that Artificial intelligence (AI) will take over a million jobs within just a few decades. Recently, Lee, a pioneer in AI, confirmed that artificial intelligence has the potential to automate and eliminate over 40 percent of jobs within the next 15 years. 

So, yes, AI has the potential to be revolutionary. And, automation will not only transform the way humans work and simply restrict their advancements to replacing human job positions with new software and machines. But in the near future, AI software and products will also eliminate non-human elements like traditional office tools, (which include both physically operated products and everyday electronic processes) from the workplace.

Here are 5 AI-driven technologies that will eventually replace the traditional automated tools:

Ø Autonomous AI scheduler

Most businesses are coming up with a hybrid approach, a mixture of humans and machines, where software algorithms maintain calendars and meeting locations while human assistants reply to customers. Already various end-to-end workforce management software is taking scheduling from Excel and transforming the whole process to a cloud-based interface.

The simplified the scheduling system of these software records everything from lunch-break timings to monitoring employee absences.

Businesses will now be able to create and maintain timesheets easily and access them through the service's mobile apps, tablets, and of course, desktops.

Ø Innovative AI Scanners

“Replacing a large piece of traditional hardware like a scanning machine with a lightweight Smartphone app meets the remote workers and the modern workplace, drastically improving workflow and productivity” - Lisa Croft, product marketing manager, Adobe Document Cloud

Today you do not need to use a bulky office scanner to keep a record of your paperwork. Innovations like Adobe Scan, Photomyne, have brought us smart scanners and their algorithms have unparalleled capabilities. Technology has condensed a scanner to the size of a Smartphone that analyzes visual information using logic (quite similar to how a human draws a conclusion).

 This Artificial Intelligence-powered software can accurately detect, scan, and crop photos - on its own within seconds. All you need to do is hold the device over whatever you need to scan, and the AI software automatically turns the page into a PDF and sends it to the Cloud. These images can also be transformed into digital texts that you can search and use electronically.

Ø AI-powered recruiter

Earlier recruiters maintained excel sheets for scheduling interviews or screening large amounts of job applications. AI applications are now being used within the HR industry extensively, to streamline various elements of the hiring process. However, these tools are not a foolproof way of matching the right candidate to the right role.

Now, HR can leverage artificial intelligence technology to do their jobs much easily within a short span of time. AI technologies like Newton, Ideal, Recruiterbox aid recruiters with their screening assignments and help them identify the most suitable candidates for the role quickly and efficiently.

These applications use data about the employees’ characteristics and skill sets to determine the perfect candidate. They are even capable of gathering data about a candidate from alternative sources like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles.

Other AI applications within the HR recruitment arena include chatbots that answer candidates’ questions/ provide feedback and analyze candidate’s answers to determine if they’re suitable for the company.

Ø AI in healthcare diagnostics

AI is already implemented in healthcare to detect diseases, like cancer, accurately in their early stages. AI algorithms are used to scan images generated by radiology tools and produce far more effective and accurate readings than a human radiologist. This brilliant technology has allowed doctors to shorten the timeframes of diagnosis, which let patients receive treatment much faster, which subsequently results in higher survival rates.

AI is also used to examine large datasets to understand and make informed decisions about diseases and help doctors create optimized treatment plans. Chatbots, are also being employed, in the form of Virtual Health Assistants, to reduce admin tasks and schedule appointments at doctor offices.

AI in-home care services, answer basic medical questions, helps to remind patients to take their medication on time, and call an ambulance in an emergency.

Ø AI in education institutions

Technology has already changed every aspect of modern education. Newer AI has brought an amalgamation of various educational tools like calculators, citation generators, plagiarism checkers on our fingertips. Apart from that, today, AI allows engaging and interactive methods of learning, and classroom study is not confined to desk reading or rote learning any longer. Schools and universities are increasingly adopting AI to deliver customized learning methods to assist students; especially students with special requirements.

AI devices, like Intelligent Tutoring Systems, analyze how a student learns and processes information. By using this information, professors can create a customized plan to meet their educational requirements. From delivering personalized learning programs for individual students to letting professors concentrate on building the student's minds instead of checking copies, AI has totally revolutionized the learning-teaching process in education.

With AI being implemented into more and more classrooms, the traditional practice of imparting knowledge could be radically transformed. Efficient learning environments, customized to suit each student’s unique needs, may soon be possible; leading to a world where every student gets the help they need to do their best.

Older tools are quickly getting replaced by smarter and innovative technologies, and AI is changing markets as diverse as businesses, healthcare, education, and security. However, despite the long road, we have traveled so far, we're still at just the starting gate. As AI technology becomes more nuanced and advanced, new needs will emerge every day, and we'll continue to find methods of combining AI with new technological innovations.

Gear up for more, as this journey of AI evolution is exciting and adventurous, and the best is yet to come!

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