Helpful Tips to Understand When to Repair Your Air Conditioning

Helpful Tips to Understand When to Repair Your Air Conditioning

You bought an aircon to beat the scorching summer heat, which is a very good idea. But to keep living in the luxury of cool airflow, you need to keep the system steady. Regular servicing is of course very important for the long life of your AC, but sometimes your AC shows some signs, which calls for a repair. Most of the times, these signs are invisible to the normal eyes, so we call the technicians, who will give you great service but might service the whole system. This will cost you a lot of money. But if you know exactly where the problem is occurring, you can hire the professionals and direct them to the exact point of the problem. Are you curious to know how? Well, just go through this article.

Heated air 

If you ever feel the air emitting from your system is warmer than usual, you must check the thermostat. Change it to cooling mode if it’s been switched somehow. Set it at its lowest temperature and if the problem persists then you are having a problem with the airflow or the compressor. Put the AC off and call for professional help. 

Fluctuating humidity 

The summer and rainy season in Singapore can be very sticky and irritating. But, you have an AC in your home, so you don’t have to go through this humidity problem. Your AC can be easily settled into normal humidity. But if that is not happening with your AC, you have to hire repair services. They will know if it needs some simple changes or a new dehumidifier. Daikin aircon is best in such matters. 

The disputed flow of air 

If you see or feel any signs that you are not getting enough cool air from your AC or the airflow is stopping multiple times then there is a possibility that dust and dirt are clogged inside and blocking the airway. This is one of the very common issues with AC. If you see dirt clogging, you can wipe it with a towel. But be careful enough not to damage any part of your AC. If there is no dirt and the air is not coming out properly, chances are your air filter is blocked or there is a broken motor. Do not try to repair them on your own if you do not have proper training. Call the professionals right away. 

Water leakage 

If you see water leakage from your air conditioner, there is no way that it is functioning properly. Your aircon works with the refrigerant to turn hot air into the cool breeze. It is designed in such a way that the water won’t pool your home. In such cases shut off your AC and call the maintenance team. 

Rotting Smell 

Inside your home if you smell something bad and if it leads straight to your aircon system, then you must stop it and call for the professional services. Usually, it happens because of the dirt, which mixes with the moisture and gets rot to create such foul odor. But good for you that this kind of problem doesn’t take long to repair if you can let the professionals handle the situation as soon as possible. 


These days’ air conditioners are being designed to be less noisy. But if you hear any sudden noises from your system, it might indicate big problems. Like your car, unanticipated noises are never a good sign. Sometimes, a loose screw or broken part could be the source of the noise. If it stops automatically then there is nothing to worry but if it doesn’t reach out for professional help. 

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