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Masterbatches to improve plastic packaging manufacturing

Masterbatches to improve plastic packaging manufacturing

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The global masterbatch market was valued at $ 11 billion in 2018, but it is expected to reach $17 billion by 2026, according to Report and Data analysis. The sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.2 percent annually. The Asia Pacific is the largest masterbatch market in the world, where India, China, and Japan are dominating the market. But, Europe is the fastest-growing market for the polymer additives market, growing at a CAGR of 7 percent annually.

However, the highest share masterbatch market goes to the packaging solution, accounting for 67 percent to meet the growing demand for packaging solutions of consumer products. The color masterbatch accounts for 50% of market share, while black masterbatch accounts for 25% share followed by white, color, additive, and filler in the sector.

What is a masterbatch?

Masterbatch is a solid or liquid material used to impart color and properties to the base polymers. The additive adds the desired color and mechanical properties to plastics that consumers demand in the market. Therefore, polymer additives are necessary to manufacture superior quality plastics that consumers demand, in the form of package, bottle, fiber, construction materials, and others. For the best results in plastic products, masterbatches should be compatible with the base polymer with the right loading of color and carrier resin. Quality masterbatches impart the best color and make manufacturing economical for firms with the best qualities of products.

Popular additives in the packaging solutions

The packaging is a covering used to protect, preserve, and transport of products to long distances. Many types of plastics are used in the packaging solutions for foods, beverages, water, and other consumer goods available in the market.

Packaging products should be attractive, durable, airtight, safe, and hygienic for the consumers. With these features, BOPP film has vast usages in the plastic processing industry to manufacturing packaging with necessary qualities. However, the BOPP masterbatch ensures the smooth processing of the product offering an excellent slippage between the layers during plastic processing. As a result, firms can enhance the performance and output of products while getting quality products.

The BOPET film is another material used to manufacture large bottles of water and beverages. The processing of large containers always faced problems while processing the products. With the applications of a BOPET masterbatch, packaging gets dimensional stability, reflectivity, tensile strength, and other properties. Thus, the processors prefer to choose this additive instead of processing with other masterbatches.

Slippage is a necessity for the printing and manufacturing of packaging products at the plant. The traditional oils and waxes cause significant slippage but not enough to prevent heating between the layers. The best alternative to wax or oil is a silicone masterbatch that ensures smooth slippage and reduces the coefficient of friction. As a result, manufacturers get plastics with consistent quality and smooth surface. Further, the firms prefer to use this additive as it increases output and performance of processing in the plant.


Many types of polymer additives are available in the market for plastic manufacturers. But, they must select a compatible and quality additive, such as TPU masterbatch, the essential features to an automotive, belt, food processing, and other products. Similarly, the companies should select polymer additives for packaging solutions after analyzing the qualities.

Updated 02-Aug-2020
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