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Top 5 Software development companies in India

Top 5 Software development companies in India

Uttam Lokhande 577 09-Jan-2020

 1. IBRANDtech

Today, websites and several custom-built Software development companies application software have become necessary tools for almost every kind of troubleshooting, leisure, or fun activity. Hence, web designing and software design and development, considered valuable and extremely crucial, particularly when you have to hit the right kind of design and modules for your website or software applications. 

IBRANDtech is a one-stop solution for every web and software development needs. It offers quality digital marketing, web design & development services. The company completely understands every software and web niche and make sure that their clients/customers are highly satisfied every time. The company understands that custom site-building or developing custom-built software for a business is a life-altering activity. They have a highly competent team of experts who understands and studies the business requirements of its clients/customers in detail and delivers customized solutions that perfectly suit their business needs.

Thus, IBRANDtech makes sure that everything that they do, gets it right done, which would create a space for their customers, that will place them on a level among their competitors and get them the much required global edge. IBRANDtech also offers other services, including digital marketing, online reputation management, lead generation, and demand generation. 

Such many factors make IBRANDtech stand apart amongst the best software development companies in India that provide exceptional custom build software with excellent and reliable services and solutions. 

 2. Fingent

Fingent is among the most reliable custom software development companies that have been in the IT software industry since 2003. They offer web and mobile app services, and their offices stand resided across India, the US (Boston & New York), Australia, and UAE. The company holds a team of more than 275 employees & has helped several organizations to implement software solutions successfully. Fingent, business analysis, and communication skills help their clients/customers to understand the complexities of the software and help them to visualize solutions through mock-ups & workflows.

 3. Pixometry Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

The Pixometry Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. is an offshore outsourcing software development company in India that provides end-to-end development services for the IoT application, web application, mobile application, embedded software & systems development, and cross-platform application. They work through a broad spectrum of technologies varying from open source to proprietary and custom-built solutions.

  Their Domain Expertise is as follow:

 - Mobile application development

 - Web development

 - Cloud-enabled solutions

 - E-commerce solutions

 - Analytic 

 4. Experion Technologies

Experion Technologies provides custom software system solutions to various customers by monitoring Mobile, Cloud, Analytics, and other web technologies. They focused mostly on mid-sized enterprises, early-stage companies, and fast-growing startups, that makes it through the most trustworthy software development companies in India. Experion has served more than 130 customers since 2006. The company holds an association with several customers who have been with them for more than 3 to 10 years. This is what trust stands for. 

The custom made services and solutions that Experion Technologies offers are listed below:

 - UX/UI services

 - Custom Software Development

 - Analytics

 - Modernizing existing software products and applications

 - DevOps services

 - Test Automation services (Web, Mobile, and API)

 - Cloud services

 5. Trigent Software

Trigent is a pioneer in IT outsourcing and offshore software development business. We allow organizations to use digital processes and other customer engagement models to obtain outstanding results with a better end-user experience. The company assists its clients/customers to achieve this through enterprise-wide digital transformation, modernization, and optimization of its corporate environment. Trigent has several years of experience with broader domain knowledge and technology expertise, which allows it to delivers effective solutions to ISVs, SMBs, and enterprises across the industries. These qualities make it stand among the list of top software development companies in India. They provide an entire set of IT services such as infrastructure, Cloud Services, Mobility, BI, analytics, Product Engineering, QA & Testing, IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence through designing, developing, and managing these services.

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