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Open Back Wedding Dresses as a Modern Fashion Trend of 2020

Open Back Wedding Dresses as a Modern Fashion Trend of 2020

Viktoria Yarovaya 1797 08-Jan-2020

A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of any girl. Of course, an important issue on the eve of the event is the choice of the perfect wedding dress. Today, designers create many wedding dresses and dresses of various styles, models, colors, with various decorations, which can not only emphasize the virtues of the figure of the future bride, but also successfully hide small flaws. Particularly noteworthy are wedding dresses with an open back.

Features of Open Back Wedding Dresses

The outfit of this style will be ideal for courageous, confident and extraordinary girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight of not only male but also female audiences. It is also important that the skin of the bride was perfect: without any rash, irritation, with a uniform tan. Brides who do not know how to keep their backs are constantly stooping, you should abandon this style of dress.

There is a stereotype that only a slim and fit girl can afford a wedding dress with an open back. But this is not so! Such a model of wedding attire is also suitable for owners of luxurious forms, the main thing is to choose the right style.

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How to Choose a Wedding Dress with an Open Back

Many designers present in their collections wedding dresses with an open back, which can conditionally be divided into the following types:

- with asymmetric or rectangular neckline;

- with a double, round or oval neckline;

- with a rhomboid or trapezoidal neckline;

- with decorated neckline.

The latter option is relevant for those who have some flaws on the skin of the back. Delicate lace not only hides these shortcomings but also gives the image of romance and innocence. A straight wedding dress with an open back visually makes the figure slimmer. The image can be supplemented with long (“opera”) gloves, as well as other accessories. The dress itself can be decorated with embroidery, beads, rhinestones, stones.

When choosing a wedding dress with open back, experts advise taking into account the following nuances:

- time of the wedding ceremony: of course, if the wedding is organized in the spring or summer, then the choice of suitable models is much larger; in the summer, the bride can afford a dress with both a classic and an original neckline, and confident and bold brides can choose a model with a deep neckline that will make the image sophisticated and sexy, emphasize the beautiful and flexible lines of the back;

for the winter ceremony, more restrained outfits are suitable;

- the dress should be in shape: it is important that the style is correctly selected; no need to choose a size smaller or larger, every detail should be thought out to avoid embarrassment or trouble with the outfit; thanks to the variety of cutouts, it will not be difficult to find a suitable model, but be prepared that it will take some time;

everything should be taken into account, including the depth of the cut.

In addition, it is important to choose the right bra. It can be a transformer model on silicone straps or a special invisible bra. Remember: underwear should not be visible, as it is unaesthetic and vulgar.

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