Why Study at Fujian Medical University ?

Why Study at Fujian Medical University ?

Fujian medical university is located in China and it was founded in the year 1937. It was earlier named as fusion provincial medical vocational School which was then changed to fusion provincial Medical College in the year 1939. Its name was again changed to fusion Medical College in 1949 and when it got merged with fusion Chinese traditional Medical College along with the medical department of Huaqiao University in the year 1978. It was named as Fujian medical university.

The Campus

The campus of the university is spread across 8.7 lakh square metres. There are around 22 undergraduate majors, 17 colleges and departments, 59 master degree locations and 22 doctor degree locations. It is a huge campus with school of basic medicine, department of clinical medicine, School of Public Health, School of dentistry, School of Medical Technology and Engineering, School of Pharmaceutics, School of medical caring, School of literature, School of continuing education, School of international education, department of Physical health, School of foreign language and department of Political Theory and educating.

The Faculty and Staff

The University has around 5000 staff members and more than 736 teachers who are living at the campus. Half of the professionals who are employed at the University have a post-graduation degree and around 55%are are working on the senior posts at the University. The University has around 400 tutors for the students pursuing a master's degree, around 50 tutors who are taking care of the students pursuing a Ph.D., the university is also associated with 4 outstanding specialists on a national level, 3 specialists of the health ministry and around 16 provincial outstanding specialists.

Associated Hospitals

The University has around 8 hospitals that are affiliated to it so that the students can practice everything that they study in the class. The university also has around 24 teaching hospitals that include clinical colleges and there are over 20 professional teaching bases. The University has also formed a flawless net of practical and clinical teaching base. The library of the university is spread across 25000 square meters and it has a huge collection of around 100000 volumes.

Life at Campus

The life of the students who are pursuing MBBS from the university is happening and it not only revolves around the academic but also around the cultural and other extracurricular activities in association with seniors and juniors. There are cultural events taking place according to the norms of the university. The students are not only busy with the academic assignments and projects but they are also given opportunities to present themselves by participating in cultural activities with dancing, singing and other activities that promote mingling with each other and the performance of their talent.

Society of China

If you have finally made up your mind to do MBBS in China, this medical university is going to change your life for the better. The society of China is highly adjusting and they welcome the international crowd in their neighborhood. They live with peace and they are ambitious. They love being associated with people and they have a different approach towards life.

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Fujian Medical University

Fujian Medical University

Fujian medical university is located in 88 Jiaotong Rd Nan Men Shang Quan Taijiang Fuzhou Fujian China. You can contact to get admission in fujian medical university call at +86-13151111153. You can find more information www.fujianmedicaluniversity.com. You can contact by email at info@fujianmedicaluniversity.com.


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