How to get a job in digital marketing agency?

How to get a job in digital marketing agency?

Digital Marketing is trending!

I have been seeing many people pursuing digital marketing courses either offline or online.

That’s really good, but on a serious note, competition is also growing.

The market is becoming saturated, resultantly it becomes really tough to get a job.

A good job indeed.

To excel in career and to become a top-notch digital marketer one needs strong practical experience. Hence, for that purpose, one needs to choose his jobs carefully.

For example, digital marketer in a brick and mortar company and digital marketer in digital marketing agency are two different things.

In a digital marketing agency, there are different kinds of projects from various fields. Also there is the environment.

On the other hand, in non-digital marketing companies, there is a lack of exposure. Hence it is always advisable to work in a digital marketing agency.

But here comes a tricky part –

Most of the top digital marketing agencies don’t hire freshers. They require at least one year of experience or internships.

When I was a newbie in this digital marketing field, I tried giving interviews in digital marketing agencies and got rejected. Just because I had no prior experience. Finally, I got a job in a digital marketing agency in Pune. How?

Do Internship first. Get a little hands on experience. Many people refrain from doing internships and I don’t understand why?

Because some offer low stipend or some don’t even offer anything.

That’s why?

Sorry to say, but it’s the silliest reason to deny the internship.

In the initial years of your career, don’t run behind money. Run behind experience.

The salary depends on market availability of skills. Hence, if you have a same skill set like your competitors, you have to settle for less.

But if you worked hard, get practical experience, then you can get a high salary. As simple it is!

So once you complete your course, go for an internship. If not one, go for two. Learn as much as possible there, commit mistakes, ask your mentors. Once you got a prior experience, get the internship letter and go for an interview. Chances of selection will be damn high.

And do you know the best part? If there is job opening in the same company, you may get a job there only. Who knows?

All the best for your future.

Last updated:1/7/2020 12:51:15 AM
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