How to Choose the Best Mattress for a Rejuvenating Sleep

How to Choose the Best Mattress for a Rejuvenating Sleep

Choosing a mattress is a more complicated task than it seems. Not only because in the market there is a very varied offer like latex, innerspring, hybrid mattress, foam mattress, and with different technologies.

Plus, each person has a special way of sleeping that responds more to a mattress profile than to another, For example, greater versus lesser firmness and a more pronounced adaptability versus a certain resilience of deformation caused by body weight.

In this article, we will tell you how you can select the best mattresses.

With Space And Firm For Your Back
If you have space in your bedroom, do not hesitate and buy a large bed: 'The more surface you have, the better you will rest,'. And it will be easier for you to move without disturbing your partner. But, above all, what you should keep in mind is the firmness that your back needs on the mattress.

The ideal mattress should respect the natural curvature of the spine, and that depends on your weight, the posture in which you usually sleep and if you move a lot while you sleep. Take your time in the store and try them well (10 minutes each would be ideal).

It is not enough that you feel, lie down just as you would in your home and do a simple test: lie on your back and run a hand between the lower back and the mattress. If there is a gap, it is too rigid and if the hand does not pass, it is too soft.

Choose The Right Material
It is key to rest well. There are special mattresses for people with back pain, other very healthy ones made with natural materials. Most conventional mattresses have toxic chemicals while a few brands offer non-toxic mattresses.

Types of mattresses
Here are the different times of mattresses available:

Spring mattresses:
Although they may sound old, spring mattresses have a broad technological development that does not detract from other technologies and materials. In general, they are characterized by a rapid return to their initial position, although firmness may vary according to the method. There are three main types of spring mattresses, those of continuous thread, those of pocket springs.

Foam and visco-elastic mattresses:
Foam mattresses are perhaps the most affordable range of all, since they are based on expanded polyurethane foams, with internal air bubbles, which have relatively little firmness and retain little shape after pressure. In them, what counts is density, so that at higher density more consistency but also greater weight and price. They are not very breathable, they can accumulate mites with ease and in general, they are only recommended for beds where you sleep very occasionally.

Latex mattresses:
Latex mattresses are composed of layers of this milky and rubbery substance extracted from the rubber tree or a synthetically made latex. It is kind of much denser and very heavy foam. This is its main drawback along with the high price. But it has as an advantage its ability to adapt to the shape of the body while maintaining firmness.

Latex mattresses are ideal for people who move a lot, because it does not exert a braking effect on rotation, and also for those who want a mattress that suits their body without losing firmness.

Japanese futon:
It is made based on layers of pressed cotton and is ideal for people accustomed to sleeping on hard surfaces since it hardly presents cushioning. Also for people with ecological awareness, since it is totally biodegradable. It has the disadvantage that it can accumulate mites and pollen, and also that cotton disintegrates over time, so it must be restored.

Hybrid Mattress:
There are some types of mattresses that carry carefully selected combinations of special materials, which have been considered as best mattresses and that thanks to exclusive treatments make each sleeper experience a magnificent sensation of weightlessness during rest. It has a Dual Comfort system, an independent rest system with firmness adjustment.

So what type of mattress is best for you?
The best type of mattress depends on the conditions and needs of the person who is going to use it. Elements such as the weight of the sleeper or the posture he adopts when sleeping are keys to choosing the best mattress.

The same mattress does not need an agile and light person but who moves a lot in bed, then a person with reduced mobility. For the former, a High Resilience foam mattress might be recommended, while the latter would probably choose latex. However, it also depends on the weather, since in the case of humid areas; we recommend viscoelastic instead of latex.

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