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Eating for Muscle Growth

Eating for Muscle Growth

VR Life 609 02-Jan-2020

While exercise is necessary for general muscle-building, your fitness goals will be more easily reached if you supplement your exercise routine with foods to help build and repair your muscles. A healthy balance between energy input and output is necessary for optimal performance and muscle growth.

Eggs are cost-efficient and highly beneficial for overall health as well as specifically for muscle-building. They contain protein, vitamins B6, B12, D, and E among other nutrients. Protein is a nutrient that aids in the repairing of the muscles, so it is nearly vital after a hard workout. Furthermore, the B12 vitamin is beneficial for the contraction of the muscles. It is important to eat the egg yolk as well as the white in order to gain the full nutrients of the eggs.

Almond nuts have numerous nutritional benefits, specifically for people trying to increase their muscle mass. Almonds contain vitamin E, which protects the body from potential damage caused by exercise. Furthermore, almonds have been shown to help aid the memory, and they can even prevent Alzheimer’s disease in some cases. On average, a man who is trying to build muscle mass should eat approximately two handfuls of almonds a day.

Salmon provides Omega-3s, which help to lower the breakdown of protein. This is beneficial because it is important for the body to maintain a healthy protein level so that the muscles can fully heal between workouts. Additionally, salmon lowers the risk of heart disease significantly.

Yogurt is also a beneficial food for people who are trying to increase their muscle mass because it contains proteins and carbohydrates, which are both necessary for energy and muscle-repair after exercise. In particular, it is advisable to purchase yogurt with fruit in it because the extra carbohydrates will increase your insulin. An increase in insulin will cause a decrease in the breakdown of protein, which will, in turn, help the muscles to heal after a workout.

Although beef tends to have a negative reputation for those trying to slim down, it can provide great nutrients for those who are trying to build muscle mass. It includes iron, zinc, and creatine. These nutrients assist in the development of the muscles and can also help you to work harder during your workout. This food tends to prevent prostate cancer because it contains selenium.

In addition to food nutrients, it is also important to drink water after exercise. The body needs water to perform at its best; in fact, research shows that people who exercise while dehydrated usually react more slowly than those who are hydrated. If you want to have the most effective workout, you need to make sure your body is hydrated beforehand (and rehydrated afterward for recovery).

These foods, among others, will help you increase your work-out stamina and the rate of your muscle repair after exercise. Paired with a strong routine, you will be able to get the body you want over time. Eating right is a large part of being healthy, and it is important to never ignore your dietary needs, especially while training hard.

Updated 06-Jan-2020
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