Manicure is the process of treating your fingernails, which can be done in either parlour or at home. It consists of some steps like shaping, pushing, clipping, massaging etc, which will help us to make your nails neat and clean. If you want to keep your nails longer and look perfect, you need to have a manicure in every two weeks. If you did a professional manicure, it will last for two weeks. It is necessary to maintain our hands, especially our nails and manicure is a widely used technique among most of the people because it is a simple technique which helps us to get a perfect fingernail. Most of them will go to parlour for doing this. Still, we can do this sitting in our homes if we had all the essential things.

Types of manicure:

There are different types of manicure; some of them are:

● Basic manicure.

● Reverse manicure.

● Acrylic manicure.

● Paraffin manicure.

● Mirror manicure.

● Gel manicure.

● French manicure.

● Shellac manicure etc…,

Basics steps for manicure:

● Clip, file and buff your fingernails.

● Soak.

● Pull back the cuticles.

● Moisturize your hand.

● Apply the first coat of nail polish (basecoat)

● Apply the colour of nail polish.

● Apply the topcoat.

● Let your nails dry.

Tools required for manicure:

1. A bowl of warm water: For soaking your nail (for nail bath)

2. Nail cutter: To cut unwanted nails in your finger.

3. Cuticle pusher: Cuticles are an important one, so we need to take special care for that. Cuticle pusher helps to push the skin back from your nails.

4. Nail buffer: It helps to remove peeling on your skin, and also it helps to get rid of dullness on your nails

5. Nail file: It helps to make the edges of your nails smoother, and it helps to shape your nail.

6. Mild scrub: It helps in exfoliation. It is being used for removing the layer of dead skin cells.

7. Hand cream: It helps to moisturize your hand and keeps your hands softer and smoother.

8. Nail polish: After finishing all the above process, finally nail polish should be applied on your nails for getting perfect fingernails in the following order: base coat, colour, final coat.

Procedure for doing manicure: First, gather the tools which are all essential for doing a manicure. After that clip, cut the unwanted nails from your fingernails by using a nail cutter, then file the edges of your nails by using a nail file to make it smoother without any rough edges. After that, soak your nails in warm water, and push back the cuticles from your pin by using cuticle pusher and prepare the skin (cuticles are essential, so we need special care). Exfoliation is also a necessary process which can be done by using a mild scrub. After this process, apply a moisturizer cream to your hand, which makes your hands softer and smoother. Then apply a thin base coat and let them dry, for this use clear nail polish for better result. Then, apply a colour nail polish over the base coat and finally apply a topcoat. After finishing all the above process, let them dry for sometimes for perfect nails.

 It is costlier in parlours. Instead of going parlour for doing this, we can do it in our home. To do this in our house, all we need is essential things like nail cutter, nail file, cuticle pusher, moisturizer, base coat nail polish and colour nail polish. The same procedure should be followed here also.

Tables used for manicure:

Manicure table is a table available of any variety, on which a nail technician can do work. It is not a specially made table, which can be used only by the professional nail technicians. It's just an ordinary table was the nail techs can work freely. Tables used for manicure will be made a client rest comfortably without any uncomfortable feeling. These tables are made by a simple process, which helps the techs to clean quickly and sanitize easily. These tables are mostly used in hi-tech beauty parlours for providing better comfort for the customers.These tables are available in online shopping apps like amazon.com, ebay.com, etc.

There are different varieties of manicure tables. DIY vented manicure table, folded manicure table, portable manicure table are some of the varieties. A standard length of manicure table is of 36 to 48 inches tall and 16 to 21 inches wide. Some other requirements for a manicure table is leg room and some spaces for storage purpose. These tables provide a luxurious look to the place where it had placed.  

Advantages of manicure:

There are lots of benefits in doing manicure every two weeks regularly; some of the advantages are:

● The main advantage is, it protects our nails.

● It gives a perfect shape for our nails.

● It keeps our nail healthy and very strong.

● Hand is exfoliated to remove dead cells by scrubbing process.

● It treats the cuticle by pushing it back from the nails.

● It moisturizes our hand well and makes it soft and smooth.

● It stimulates blood flow and proper circulation in our hand.

● Regular manicure will help us to maintain our grip correctly.

● It removes all the dullness in our hand and makes our side bright.

● It gives a royal look to our hand and causes us to feel comfortable.

Disadvantages of manicure:

When compared to problems, manicure has more advantage .some of the obstacles are:

● Nail fold infection may be caused during the process of clipping, filling in the manicure.

● When we stopped doing this it may cause ageing.

● Dermatologists says that UV light can put users at risk of developing cancer and some tumour.

● plantar warts can also develop on the nail because of this manicure.

● Nail polishes, acrylic nails, glues used for a manicure can cause contact dermatitis, and it may cause allergies, rashes, etc.

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