Best buying guide for ping pong tables

Best buying guide for ping pong tables

Ping pong is one game that helps you bond with the player; it is such a fun game and keeps you fit too. Ping pong is a great form of exercise that keeps the heart rate up. Ping pong comes from the land of the queen, England. It was played as an after supper entertainment back in the 1880s. Ping pong became an Olympic sport in 1988. Best quality ping pong table accessories make playing the game very smooth and enjoyable. The ping pong table needs to be 9 ft × 5 ft × 30 inches. The area has to be at least 14 m long, 7 m wide and 5 m high for professional games. Ping pong or table tennis can be played indoors or outdoors. So if the weather’s great you can enjoy a game or two of ping pong outdoors and if the weather is terrible and mucky you can always have the ping pong table inside the house. Playing ping pong helps build stamina and also helps lose weight. It also helps with your concentration and improves flexibility.

 A ping pong table is quite an investment; thus, before buying it, you need to keep in mind a few things, spend time researching about ping pong tables. You'll have to decide if you want a ping pong table that you're going to keep at a particular place in your house or one that you will fold and keep and open it when it needs to be used. Are you thinking of investing in a ping pong table that has wheels under it for you to be able to move it around? There are ping pong tables in the market that have wheels as well as brakes attached to them. It may be a little daunting for you to pick your first ping pong table, but do not worry.

Few things to know before investing in a ping pong table

Do you need a ping pong table?

If you're someone who leads a very healthy lifestyle or are making changes in your lifestyle to become healthier, it is a good option for you to buy a ping pong table. You will get a daily dose of exercise you need with a ping pong table in your house. But a crucial question to ask yourself is if you have ample space in your home for a ping pong table? If you have a child who wants to learn how to play ping pong, this would be a great purchase for that purpose. You could also hire a coach for their training. You never know, they could get good at playing ping pong and want to pursue it professionally. As a parent, you always want to encourage your children to play sports. Having a ping pong table at home with the best quality ping pong table accessories is also a great way for having friends and family over, especially for the holidays. You'll become a great host among your friend circle; everyone will also be up for a quick, friendly match.  

What size of ping pong table should you buy?  

A standard sized ping pong table will be of 2.74m in length and 1.525m in breadth and will have a height of 76cm. With the ping pong table, you also need a net, balls and ping pong rackets. There are larger and smaller tables available in the market. Pick a ping pong table that suits your space.  

Indoor and outdoor ping pong table 

Primarily there are two types of ping pong tables: Indoor ping pong table and outdoor ping pong table. Indoor ping pong tables have an equal, plane finish. You cannot keep an indoor ping pong table outside as it will get warped and ruined. You don't want that to happen especially after paying for a good quality ping pong table. If you're planning on keeping your ping pong table in a storage cupboard or room, opt for a foldable outdoor ping pong table. Your outdoor ping pong table should be waterproof and heat resistant in order for it to not be damaged in severe rains, storm or heat.  

Types of ping pong tables 

Convertible ping pong tables:

These are perfect for beginners and intermediate players as this table has a playback table position. This enables the trainee to play by bringing up one side of the chart to create a stand like a feature, where half the table stands in front of you.  

Rollaway ping pong tables:

These have wheels that help the table fold and fit into storage units. These are of great quality and durable and efficient for modern homes. They are also compact.  

Stationary ping pong table:  

Is perfect if you have a large home with plenty of space. These tables are larger in size and occupy a lot of space; they are heavier and are also very sturdy. Like I previously mentioned about outdoor ping pong tables are the ones that are mainly stationary in nature.  

Ping pong tables can cost from 2000 rs up to a whopping 2 lakh rs and more, without accessories. If you're thinking of buying an outdoor table, look for one which has adjustable legs so that if the ground is uneven you and change the sizing of the legs. Also, think of investing in a ping pong table that is safer for you and the people around you. Ping pong tables also have features like rounded or protective corners, wheels with locks so that the table doesn't start rolling off. If you're buying an indoor table, look for one that's not too heavy, which will make it easier for you to change its location if needed.  

There are ping pong tables in the market that also have storage space in them to store the balls and paddles, which is great if you're trying to utilize space of the table. We hope you make the best possible choice of ping pong table for your needs with the research that we've done for you.  

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