GoKart App Clone – A Smart Ride-Share Transportation Solution for the Working Parents

GoKart App Clone – A Smart Ride-Share Transportation Solution for the Working Parents

Becoming a parent undoubtedly is a matter of great joy but it also brings along a set of responsibilities. It however becomes difficult to fulfil those responsibilities when both the parents are working.

Since we live in an age where both the parents have to work together so as to share the expenses, it but becomes important thus to develop solutions such as a ride-share transportation solution that is made exclusively for them so that they can get their child safely dropped and picked up to and from their schools or other classes.

So the question that is worth asking is, are these solutions safe?

Let us discuss this below

Safety Aspect of the Kid Ride-Share Transportation Solution

  • The ride-share solution that is built to transport the kids maintains 100% security for the child always and at all times.
  • The drivers hired are professional and qualified and some of them are also parents, so it ensures thus that the security of the child should always be Priority 1
  • It contains an integration of real-time tracking and emergency contact, to name a few thus ensuring that first and foremost, the parents can know the exact location of their child, and second, in case of any emergency, the parent can have that number contacted to so as to ensure the safety of their child
  • Medical Aid is also provided in these solutions thus ensuring that in case the child falls ill or needs medical assistance of any kind, they receive it efficiently

Thus, we can say in safe terms, that the kid ride-share transportation solution is a must-have for parents as it shall ensure them of 100% safety of their kids at all time.

So, the next question that arises is which is the leading ride-share solution that parents usually depend upon for picking and dropping their child?

Well the answer to this question is the GoKart App.

Let us know a little about this solution in detail.

GoKart App – About

The popular ride-share transportation service solution was created in the year 2016 mainly to provide ride-hailing and ride-sharing services to the kids between the ages of six to seventeen respectively.

Some of the unique attributes of this app include.

Unique Attributes of GoKart

  • Drivers hold an experience of over five years in the field of childcare
  • Contains an excellent push notification feature to inform the parents of the whereabouts of their child at all times
  • Allows the parent to have the ride scheduled for a later date as per their convenience

Thus, courtesy, all these features, it has become a favourite among the working parents, in particular, as well as the ride-share industry to have similar solutions such as the GoKart app clone for their ride-share industry.

However, while adopting the solution, make sure to keep these points in mind –

  • Contains a push notification so that the parents know the exact whereabouts of their child through them
  • Integrated with location, real-time tracking and wallet so that the parents and the driver can know each other’s location, first, and second, the parent can smoothly make payment for the rides booked by them
  • Includes separate apps and web panels for the driver and parent respectively so that the two can smoothly operate the solution.

So, concluding, keep these points in mind and build a kid-friendly rideshare transportation service solution with the GoKart app clone.

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