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Essential Factors for Selecting Wire Ropes

Essential Factors for Selecting Wire Ropes

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When choosing the right type of Wire Rope for your business application, a number of factors to be considered to ensure optimal performance, safety and also to extend the service life of the rope. These important factors or characteristics of the wire rope will help in making the right purchase decision.

Important features of wire ropes:

  • They have high resistance to fatigue
  • They are very strong
  • They provide great bendability
  • They are highly resistant to crushing
  • They give increased resistance to metal loss & deformation
  • They give resistance to rotation

Important factors to consider for the selection of wire ropes:

Selecting a wire rope is an extremely careful task. The diameter of the wire rope is an important factor as repeated bending can make it break due to broken wires. Wire ropes resistance to metal loss and deformation is also important. More bendable and less flexible wire rope is required for applications where the rope goes around relatively small sheaves and drums.

Metal loss of wire ropes refers to the actual wearing of any metal. Wire ropes which are able to withstand the metal loss by abrasion is an excellent choice. Crushing resistance and fatigue resistance are important factors to be considered again. With low fatigue resistance, a rope's strength gradually gets reduced. Fatigue resistance can be improved in rope design by using a large number of wires.

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