3 Reasons for Athletes to Consider Compression Socks to Increase Sports Performance

3 Reasons for Athletes to Consider Compression Socks to Increase Sports Performance

You may be asking yourself, “how do athletic compression socks work?” The answer is simple. These athletic socks compress your legs to promote circulation and keep your blood flowing where it needs to be to reduce cramping and fatigue and to provide ankle support.

No Need for Taping

Athletes participating in sports with sprinting or requiring high impact on legs, feet, and ankles use ankle taping. However, taping is inconvenient because the ankle must be wrapped in a certain way, and also limits mobility during activity. After the first 30 minutes of taping, it’s no longer effective due to sweat and stretching during activity. Over time, taping can also reduce the overall strength of the ligaments in your ankles, heightening the risk of ankle rolling. Compression socks eliminate the need for taping, without compromising flexibility or ankle support; making them the perfect soccer socks.

Reduce Swelling

Don’t overlook the need for high performance running socks. Post-workout swelling is common for runners and sports players alike, and compression socks are one of the best ways to combat this side-effect and aid in post-training recovery. By keeping the blood flowing through your legs and feet, compression socks greatly reduce swelling and its painful side effects.

Promote Post-Workout Recovery

Taking care of your body between workouts and competitions is essential. After an intense workout or game, your ankles and legs are likely to feel tired and stressed. Compression socks are proven to reduce muscle fatigue and lessen recovery times even after the most strenuous of workouts.

Don’t let ankle problems stand in the way of your best game yet. Next time you’re on the hunt for football socks, baseball socks, or whatever sport you play; consider grabbing a pair of compression socks to add greater flexibility to your workout routine.

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