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Elucidations of Labelling Power and its Needful solutions

Elucidations of Labelling Power and its Needful solutions

Labelling and Printing market prominently depends upon qualitative performance of hardware and software. They are built with high standards and principles ensuring simplicity, efficiency and reliability. Looking to the requirements of current market, it is evident that label has become as one of the most indispensable element for AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) solution. Earlier, packaging and label market were surmounted with paper label that comes with strong adhesive and so. But now, there has been a concrete proliferation in the label market. The data is being coded behind the labels in an undisclosed manner that helps to understand and predict the future demand patterns. Different types of label are being used to provide needful solutions at the helm. They are:  

  • Paper labels – used majorly in Inventory management, retailing, hospitals and shipping services
  • Polyvinyl labels – used majorly in industries behind the application and machines
  • Taffeta labels – specially used in garment industry where water proofing appliances and applications are involved

Certain points must be considered while labelling the products with Barcodes

Whether it should be warehousing or retail management, labelling has become a key feature to consider. In case of  logistic management, it is advisable to label individual product or packaging instead of labelling the entire pallet or carton. An individual labelling will help you to seek information about single product and trace its functionality.

Appropriate location and size of label

The size of label does not fully depend upon the nature of product. In fact, it must be attached to the product in such a way that it can be scanned from a distant range or certain premises of the warehouse. Thus, the size of label thoroughly depend upon the position – where it is attached. It is advisable to stick the label at the centre for better visibility and scanning motives. You can generate different types of codes of product out of right sized labelling – from shortest till the longest length within the range of characters. Also, make sure that the mil size is kept low so that it can fit perfectly upon the size of label.

Barcode and labelling must come with unique specification

Labelling industry is flourishing at a break neck as it focuses more upon infusing dynamism in context to characters and scanning range. There are certain special features of labelling that facilitates speedy scanning and skimming of information without any kind of additional hassle. For an instance, the kind of adhesive used behind the label matters the most, the list of cross selling items printed on the label and the durability and format of the same. All these factors must be equally considered and taken note of in case of labelling and barcoding. Make sure, you are determining the surface of the product where the label is going to be pasted. It should be in congruence to its functional behaviour and security measures.

These factors of labelling will contribute significantly in case of loss of product or loss of shipment by tracking the range and data stored in RFID tags and labels.

Nature of labelling Processes upon kinds of products

Labelling has underlined processing methods that streamline the entire procedure of tracking and recording in any industry – retail, hospital, transportation and logistics management. For an instances, the nature and quality of label withstand with the environmental factor and run their functions supported by heat and chemical exposure. With wet and heat based sterilisation, the durability of labels becomes strong and robust.

Thus, labelling and Barcoding has become a new big thing in today’s era.

Updated 28-Dec-2019
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