5 Questions To Ask When Consulting Criminal Defense Lawyers

5 Questions To Ask When Consulting Criminal Defense Lawyers

A criminal defense lawyer is your savior in case you are charged against any criminal proceedings. They help you out in such extreme conditions. They not even help out the individuals but also the companies which are charged with criminal activities. Criminal lawyers in Cobb County GA can practice law privately or even can be employed in criminal courts. The appointment of Cobb County defense attorneys for needy people that are the indigent person is known as public defenders. The rotation system of appointments is exercised by some of the jurisdictions.

It can be really tasking or very difficult to choose the right criminal defense attorney if you are been charged with an assault or violation. An experienced and a good reputation lawyer should be the ultimate choice for an individual. There are few paramount queries which are the exigency of an individual’s top priority. Then only the anxiety of an individual can be decreased and it is always expected to understand what can be the demand from the Cobb County criminal attorney before the beginning of the proceedings.

Listed below are few questions which should arise in your mind, for the smooth trial:

Is the attorney equipped with the required knowledge?

The best criminal attorney should be committed to its case and should attempt the proceedings to move towards victory utilizing the best of his knowledge. Application of experience and expertise should be attempted by the Cobb County defense attorney. He requires applications intentionally, knowingly and in favor of its client. You need to know whether he/she acquires previous experience of handling such type of cases. So, as to avoid any misunderstanding, it is essential to be clear about the logistics.

Who all are your typical clients?

You need to have in your knowledge the type of clients the lawyer deals with. In case if you are looking for a lawyer or generally deals with cases related to corporations. Then, this might not be your cup of tea. Similarly, you need to know about the financial background too of the lawyer’s clients. This is just to ensure the suitability of lawyer as it can happen that the lawyer you are appointing, actually serves the high net- worth individuals.

What about your legal fees? 

It is of utmost importance for you as a client to be aware of the legal fees the prospective lawyer is going to charge. There is wide competition amongst attorneys related to legal fees who practice criminal law. Cobb County GA Criminal Defense Lawyers charge their fees usually by two methods, flat fee, and Hourly rate. It is correct if you wish to compare the hourly rates and flat fees of various attorneys available in the market. The sub constituents of the Flat fees should be discussed to avoid any discrepancies later. The fees other than the legal fees should be cleared before the agreement. This clears the client's perspective whether it can afford the lawyer services or not.

Do you offer a free initial consultation?

Lawyers of the Cobb County, Criminal Attorney offer free consultation services to clear the picture whether it can be solved by them or not. A face to face meeting with your lawyer gives a full, complete understanding of all the facts and probability to win the case. A five-minute telephonic conversation never gives clarity or a piece of sound advice. Lawyers act as your face or are your representative in court. A built-up of comfort amongst you is necessary as you both are going to work for the next few months. The charges or accuses against you should be cleared in an initial meeting. Your education, employment, life, and criminal history should be shared with your attorney. This sets up a base or a trust level where you can feel confident working with a particular lawyer.

 Is criminal law your primary expertise?

Criminal law as a profession, allows you to represent anyone kind of field throughout your term after attaining a law license. This is the reason why maximum attorneys work in the filed of ‘General Practice’. Lawyers are the ones who are master players as they possess immense knowledge about a lot of things. In the time, when your name, fame, reputation and future are at a high stake, one requires an attorney who is well-versed in criminal law. The Attorney who practices criminal law daily should be your set priority. Nothing can surpass the experience of handling similar cases, and this is what you are looking for.

Above stated, are just a few questions and factors, you can consider while appointing or hiring a criminal lawyer. To be more clear, you should ask each question coming to your mind. This will not only give you a clear picture but also help you in adding a brownie point in your pocket.

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william kennedy

william kennedy

Andrew Schwartz is a leading Cobb county defense attorney who has successfully defended several clients accused of crimes. He has been serving the legal community in Cobb County and metro Atlanta area as a committed litigator and trial lawyer. Mr. Schwartz brings in his vast experience as a prosecutor to help out people accused of DUI and drug charges. His aggressive approach as a DUI defense and drug crime attorney has benefited many people accused of serious felonies.


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