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The Best Mobile Phones to Buy 2020

The Best Mobile Phones to Buy 2020

Muhammad Islam 938 26-Dec-2019

2020 is the year of the future. We are going into the futuristic time and many devices came into the market to complement them. The same goes for android phones which come with the new facilities and new technologies like the 5G. So 2020 has come and we have the money in our pocket but we are looking for a good type of Android mobile. Now comes the question about which Android mobile will be the best for us in 2020. So let's try to find some of the Android mobiles we have the research about. Also, reviews like Top 10 Best Mobile Phone Reviews in 2020 will be able to help you out to understand which phone is good.

iPhone 11 Pro Max 

One of the best mobiles we have seen recently is the iPhone 11. The reason this phone is good is that it is from the Apple Company, and it has one of the Best technology and options on the phone. It has 6.5 inches of the OLED display. It has a good battery life which is the primary reason for phones these days being good. It has fast charging capability and there are many other options this phone has and it is one of the best in 2020. It is not the budget phone but it is not very expensive also.

Galaxy S10 Plus

How can Samsung be behind with the Apple Company? Galaxy S10 Plus is one of the best phones in the market these days. Even though it is a bit expensive but the phone is very e good according to the options it has and it can compete with the other phones also in the price tag. For example, you will get the 8GB RAM along with the 128GB internal memory with the 6.4 inch OLED screen. You can buy this phone in around $600 American.

One Plus 7t

How can we forget the cameras if you want to buy a good type for Android phones in 2020. This phone is going to give you a good type of camera with a back camera of 48 megapixels and the front camera of 16 megapixels. Amazing 6.5 inches of screen with the 8GB of ram can satisfy your needs and make it possible for you to enjoy your time while watching videos and playing games and also surfing the internet. Also, it will allow you to fast process the work you are doing on your Android is not very costly and you will get all the basic facilities in the simple price tag

We are going in the futuristic year, and that is why how can we forget the LG G8x thinQ dual screen. This phone will allow you to attach the detachable screen with your Android phone of 6.4 inches. It can compete with the Galaxy fold phone with the price tag of amazing $700 when the Galaxy fold phone is asking for a whopping $2000. The amazing thing about this phone is that you will be able to get all the amazing facilities in a small device. 6 GB of RAM with the 128 GB of internal memory. Also, you will be able to get the 12 hours of battery life is amazingly satisfy every need of yours with the fast processing.

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