Top 8 Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner In 2019

Top 8 Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner In 2019

Are you looking for a good bagged vacuum for your home cleaning? Have you experienced difficulty in cleaning with an old vacuum? It could be time to get a new vacuum for your home. But there is another problem for you to pick up the right one for your home. So don’t worry, We try our best to provide complete guidance about the bagged vacuum for cleaning purposes.

The bagged vacuum is a good one for the cleaning purpose as they have many advantages as compared to the bagless vacuum cleaner. There are various models of the bagged vacuum available but you should choose the right one to depend on your needs.

The bagged vacuum has a paper bag or fabric bag in its main compartment which holds dust, debris. The vacuum bag also acts as an air filter as it allows pass air and traps large dust particles. The bagged vacuum is beneficial to allergy-prone people as it gives superior air quality and it requires less maintenance.

Here we provide complete guidance about the bagged vacuum.

Top 8 Best Bagged Vacuum

1) Metropolitan Vac N’ Blo Compact Bagged Vacuum

Top 8 Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner In 2019

Metropolitan VNB-83BA is the perfect choice as a bagged vacuum as this is a portable Bagged Vacuum. This vacuum is not light but it is heavy with 12 pounds weight and having little bit difficult to carry out.

It’s 4.0 peak horsepower make this vacuum is enough powerful for vacuuming and blow. The steel construction of the device is a plus point which makes it’s more durable and prevents it from damage.

Two extension wands each of 20 inches given in the device with dust brush and Pik-All nozzle which sucks all debris. The shoulder strap is given if this device is feeling heavy to carry around for cleaning purposes.

This device has the power to clean with this machine where you want. This vacuum comes with the reusable dust filter bag along 13 attachments.


Dimensions - 17 x 7 x 7 inches

Weight - 12.5 pounds

Power -4 horsepower


  • Shoulder strap for comfortable carrying
  • Vacuum and blow
  • Used in both house and car
  • Steel construction
  • Strong suction power


  • Not suitable for heavy cleaning
  • No wheels

2) Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel-Steering Bagged Vacuum:

Top 8 Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner In 2019

This vacuum comes with a SLIM SWIVEL DESIGN which easily pushes this underlying furniture for cleaning. This device is almost flat easily under the bed for effective cleaning. It also has Edge Brushes which clean edges and baseboards.

It has weighs around less than 8 pounds which makes it a more comfortable, lightweight vacuum. This vacuum comes with 5 layer HEPA filter which traps 99.97% particles of dust and debris when you throw it away. It’s a super-powerful motor with a single helix roller brush that spins at the speed of 7000rmp. The HEPA filter and powerful motor make the air cleaner and less harmful.

The Endourolife belt protects the motor by preventing brush roller from jamming if clothing or rug is ever caught and makes this device at Auto Shut Off mode.

This device is versatile and highly effective at any type of flooring home from long pile carpet to hard floors. It automatically adjusts to the high pile carpet with no manual. This vacuum is one of the best vacuum for all types of floors.


Dimensions -10.5 x 12 x 47.5 inches

Weight- 7.7 pounds

Power- 7000 rpm


  • Twin LED headlight
  • Durable magnesium frame which is stronger than steel frame
  • Large and high-performance wheel
  • Strong suction power
  • Long-lasting Endourolife belt
  • HEPA filter
  • 7-year warranty plus 5 annual tune-ups


  • Little expensive
  • Larger wheel not easily fit under furniture
  • Replacement of dust bag is expensive
  • Doesn’t comes with attachments like Shark and Dyson
  • Doesn’t work effectively on shag carpets and rugs

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