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Lenovo Tablet Is Charging, But Not Charging. What If The Tablet is Not Charging or Charging Problems

Lenovo Tablet Is Charging, But Not Charging. What If The Tablet is Not Charging or Charging Problems

Zenith Sez 11498 26-Dec-2019

I recently encountered an unpleasant problem - an old Samsung tablet, which has served faithfully for several years, has stopped charging. We remain in charge, it seems to react to it, but the charge does not go - this is indicated by a pictogram with a battery crossed out. In fact, the battery is still charging, but very slowly - you need to wait a few hours to charge the battery at least halfway.

During an in-depth study of the problem, several ways of solving it were revealed, which gave some results.

1. Charge the tablet in the off state: At the same time, the power consumption is practically zero and all the current from the charger goes to the battery, which is charged fairly quickly. Less - while you can't work on the tablet.

2. Wait a little longer: With the charger connected to the tablet, you can work, the charge level does not fall from this, but it does not grow either. If you need to perform some sort of resource-intensive activity, such as GPS navigation with an Internet connection, the battery will drain quickly enough.

The things listed above are half measures. They obviously work but limit the reach of the tablet.

'Without half a liter you won't understand!'

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The solution to the problem was found, after several attempts to connect the charger connector to the tablet port. And - oh, a miracle! The time since the fifth charge has gone into normal mode. That is, the problem was in the bad contact of the connector, which prevented normal loading. For several years, the plug has dust and dirt, which has apparently blocked any contact.

After a short brainstorming session and Google support, a simple recipe was found, how to restore contact in the power connector. What is required?

  • Vodka (Or Better Alcohol)
  • Toothbrush

The procedure is as follows:

  • Turn off the tablet
  • We moisten the toothbrush with vodka and carefully clean the power connector - the tablet and the charger.
  • Leave to dry for 30 minutes. You can speed up the process if you direct the jet of air into the connector - sit and blow, or put it under the fan
  • Turn on the tablet
  • Connect the charger
  • Enjoy fast charging!

It does not work!

I am sure that the method described above is applicable in 90% of cases. However, for the remaining 10%, there may be other reasons why the tablet doesn't want to be charged.

  • Poor contact in the socket. There are such outlets that work on the principle of 'attacking and not breathing!' In addition to the fact that these stores work overtime, they still love to sparkle and melt, so they should generally stay away.
  • There is no contact between the cable and the charger. In this case, the vodka can be dried at the same time as the power supply of the USB connector.
  • Faulty cable Maybe once it was too bent or pulled, eventually something got damaged inside and now it works overtime or doesn't work at all
  • The charger itself is out of order. If the cable is connected to the USB port, you can try charging from the computer's USB port.
  • The charger does not have enough power to charge the tablet. This happens with non-original chargers, designed to charge only the phone, camera, or mp3 player. For the tablet, you need a charger with a current of at least 2000 m / h.
  • There was really something serious about the tablet, such as the failure of the power controller or the glitch firmware. In this case, it is better to contact the service center.
  • Smartphones and tablets periodically need to recharge. What to do if the device suddenly stops charging? Why can it take so long to charge my Lenovo phone or tablet? This will be discussed in the article.

Tablet does not charge

The tablet cannot be loaded for several reasons. We will try to list the most common ones.

Broke charger

Checking charging maintenance is very simple - you need to be connected to Lenovo's new tablet charger. If the battery indicator and charge increases are displayed, it means the case in the charger.

Decision. To repair or buy a new charge.

Broken jack

If the tablet stops charging the opportunity to break the charging socket. In this case, you need to replace it, for the first time as an alternative to charging via the USB gadget. Some manufacturers don't give their devices a similar functionality, so charging the tablet with the USB adapter isn't always possible.

Decision: Attach the plinth to the service center, or charge via USB.

  • It has failed battery
  • If the charger and plug are in order, the last option remains - broken battery.

Decision: Purchase a new battery.

Do not charge Lenovo's phone

Why can't I charge a smartphone? Problems with the telephone loads are equal to those described in the previous paragraph of the plates. There is another option, more detailed information can be found below.

The problem with the operating system

Lenovo's phone cannot be charged due to problems with Android. In other words, you don't add the charged battery is, but the percentage of battery charge.

Decision: You need to restart your smartphone or flash it.

Long tablet or phone charged by Lenovo

If the device is charging for twice as long, as usual, the problem can be solved in different ways. The case can be like in the charger and the battery itself. In addition, another solution to the problem is described below.

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