How GeoIP Store Switcher Can Compliment Your Magento-eCommerce Website

How GeoIP Store Switcher Can Compliment Your Magento-eCommerce Website

The beginning of most of the eCommerce websites may be humble, but as soon as they grab a fair market share, they plan to expand. With every expansion plan, there comes the need to add more products and categories.

These may suffice the short-term needs, whereas to grab global audiences, the eCommerce websites have to setup multi-regional stores. A website where every target region has a store of its own with a set of demanding products duly translated into regional language and currency.

When do you need a store switcher?

Setting up multiple stores is half a journey as the challenge comes when you need to direct users to a store relevant to them. For example, if you are managing two stores on a single website with the aim to target Europe and the UAE.

First, you will find difficulty knowing the users’ location. Secondly, you may find it hard to automatically redirect the users to a store dedicated to their territory.

Here is when you need a tool like Magento 2 Store Switcher extension that instantly recognizes the physical location of the visitor by their IP addresses and takes them to the store you have assigned to their region.

The configuration of a store switcher option becomes more important when you aim higher and plan to expand your business across the borders. One of the huge benefits is displaying the products to its intended users without any hassle. Continue reading the post to find how it benefits your multi-regional eCommerce website.

Take your customers to the right store

Setting up a multi-regional store is a step forward in maximizing your reach, but what if the customers are not sure which store suits them the most. With the help of a store switcher tool, you can suggest a suitable store for the users based on their geo IP location. Therefore, they can approve to land on that specific page.

Previously, such tools used to redirect users of a specific region to a relevant store on a multi-regional website, whereas, to comply with the GDPR, the website needs to communicate such redirects to the users.

Increase exposure of multiple stores

The GeoIP store switching is not necessarily an automatic feature as it displays a drop-down menu on the website to facilitate users to swap manually between multiple stores.

Suppose, if users land on the default store of your eCommerce website. They may think that the store is irrelevant and leave the website at all. They may not know about other stores you have set up exclusively for the region they belong to.

With a store switching drop-down option, they can discover more of your stores and click with consent. Let me roam around between different stores to shop the product that is not available to their region but available for a neighboring one.

Promote a niche in a specific territory

Store switching functionality can help you assign a store to a continent, country, or even selected cities. This empowers you to target the users of a specific locality with a set of products or services you are proud of.

It narrows down a store to users of a specific territory and shortens your journey in referring your top-tier items with ease. It simplifies penetrating into a niche or regional market.

Sell in local currencies

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and ask yourself, would you like to pay for a product, which is priced in a global currency? For example, if you are browsing an online store that is showing product prices in Euros while you are in Dubai. Will you ever relate to that price or need to calculate the same amount in your local currency? Surely, a price in AED is more likely to compel you in placing the orders.

Now apply the same to your multi-regional eCommerce website, where you aim to reach out to people from different nations. Having the functionality of store switcher to assign the relevant currency, and ensure the users get a more localized version of your store. Let them feel familiar and comfortable with the price tags rather than indulging them in forex calculations.

Initiate Private Sales

Auto store switching means to set your customers to roam around your eCommerce website, but you always have to freedom to restrict their access. You can still have a private store for a selected community while stopping the rest of the world from accessing those products.

Arranging private sales is another effective strategy for a community that is obsessed about getting a product before anyone else buys it. You can also conduct private sales for awarded specific customer groups with special offers, deals, and discounts. This ensures absolute conversions and long-lasting customer relationships without disappointing users of your other regional stores.

Final words

The functionality of a store switcher may seem to be simple and insignificance, but it can prove to be a game-changer for eCommerce giants. The online buyers are more conscious about their time and money. They are quick to decide on leaving a website where they are unable to locate a store or product line meant for their region. Therefore, it is inevitable to have a store switcher feature if you are eyeing the global audiences with your multiple online shops.

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