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Why Is Angular Js Is The Perfect Fit For Your Next Mobile App?

Why Is Angular Js Is The Perfect Fit For Your Next Mobile App?

David Smith 802 24-Dec-2019

With AngularJs Development, Developers got an easier way of building web and mobile applications. AngularJs the most widely used framework of javascript and was launched in 2009 by Google. The development of many mobile applications has spun their origins around this technology. Why? Well to answer this, let’s take a look at the following listicles:

  1. Easy development and usage
    The development of an application is much easier on AngularJs. Not just the code is easy to write, but also easy to maintain. It also allows the free usability to customers i.e. if the customers require, they can customise the code without the help of the developer. This feature of AngularJs Development allows easy access to the developer as well as the user. 

  2. Availability of pre-defined solutions
    AngularJs comes with pre-defined solutions to various common problem statements. The solution to these problems is easily provided under these ready-made solutions that make development an easier process. AngularJs development solutions such as UI routing methods and module practices are used as a ready-made solution to the respective problems.  

  3. Easy modifications
    After developing an application there can be some changes or modifications that a user might want to do. AngularJs allows easy modification. It allows the developer to add code, library files, and update the code even after the completion and real-time usage occurring concurrently.   

  4. Testing and analysis
    With the help of Module separator, AngularJs allows the tester to test the required model separately by loading the same part in a different space. This feature helps in easy and fast testing of any module. Also, AngularJs can easily work on both mobile phones and PCs, thus, making it versatile to use. 

  5. Re-usability of Code
    Due to availability of development of various parts of the code separately, AngularJs allows code reusability. With developing more and more variety of applications, AngularJs allows data and code refinement and customization from previously developed applications thus, preventing wastage of time from rewriting the same code for two different applications. 

  6. Wider usage domain
    AngularJs has a wide domain of usage and can be used for developing all kinds of applications. From Banking and payment portals, to searching and customer review applications, all kinds of applications can easily be developed by the help of this technology. A few mainstream applications are the following: 
    • Video Streaming Apps: Youtube, Netflix etc.
    • Travel and Maps: Google Maps, JetBlue’s etc.
    • Weather Forecast: etc.
    • Social Apps: Linked In etc.
      All these apps use AngularJs in their development processes. These are a few famous applications that are easier to use and consist of entirelyAngularJs front-end framework. 

  7. Data Binding
    A two-way data binding occurs in AngularJs. It means that when a change is done in the code it automatically binds with the code on the user page. In simpler words, the changes made in the code are easily reflected on the user page without much effort. 

In the above points, we saw how AngularJS is a huge community where one gets plenty of benefits while developing an application. This framework allows code reusability and one can develop almost every kind of application through this framework. It is fast and provides a friendly user interface by reflecting the changes immediately on the user’s page. With a quality development, AngularJS can build some great applications for not just the PCs but also for mobile phones. 

Summing Up

AngularJS stands out from the crowd of other JS app frameworks because it is managed by the professional experts of Google instead of an open-source community. It is the brand name and value which is enough to attain the reliance of the application owners towards this framework. One can create a single page application using this framework that uses JavaScript. The Model View Controller architecture which is used by AngularJs helps in developing the application by keeping in context its major aspects separately. The Model maintains the data, View displays the data and the Controller is responsible for building connectivity between the Model and View.


To find an appropriate development model for creating applications is surely difficult but in the case of Development of mobile say, AngularJs proves to be the best. AngularJs is the future technology, So, next time when you develop an app, use AngularJs as the front-end Framework for an easier and better experience. Find the best development partner where they know how to create your dream product.

David Smith

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