Best Keepa Alternatives for Amazon Product Research

Best Keepa Alternatives for Amazon Product Research

Any Amazon FBA seller, aiming to be successful, needs to have the right tools at hand to understand the trends, know what works, and to figure out the updates that are needed. With millions of products available and as many sellers present, the competition is high on Amazon, and having the right set of tools can go a long way in sealing the deal for you.

There are several Amazon Product Research applications and tools in the market that can help you out in this regard. Among them, Keepa is one of the most commonly used app in the FBA world. However, it is not the only option you have, and there are several other great alternatives available to help you.

Here’s a list of the top five Keepa alternatives that you should consider for Amazon product research.

1. SellerMotor Chrome Extension

When talking about an Amazon Chrome Extension for the FBA sellers, the name of SellerMotor has to be mentioned, as it is one of the latest competitors of Keepa. It is the finest tool around when you are aiming to get accurate real time data about product performance. No need to leave the Amazon page to complete your product research.

Some of the best features that this application comes with include the options to view data about search trends, sales estimates, star ratings, reviews, ranks of your competitors, and so on. So, with SellerMotor you have basically every information you need before making your forays into the market.

There is also a widget for profit calculations that measures profit depending on product costs and return ratios. Thus, you will have a fair insight of what you will be getting into.

Moreover, there is a trial period of up to 31-days for you to test it out before opting for any package.

2. AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout offers one of the most accurate, reliable, and detailed product data and information. It will help you in finding the products, interpreting the data, and keeping track of the sales. The UX comes with videos, so that is an added advantage. The plans have features like keyword tracking, database tracking, trend projection, historical data, profit evaluation, and data analysis. You get to easily assess your niche and save time as data gets collected from various sources.

Besides, the application is really easy to use, so it will not be too difficult for you to start working with it.

3. Viral Launch

Viral Launch comes a close third on this list of the best alternatives for Keepa. This one is a software suite that comes with a number of tools that help you find the most profitable products. There is a product discovery tool where you can put in filters to know about the profitable products and the upcoming markets, along with trends and sales estimates. You will have to use the Market Intelligence option to know more about niche markets.

Upfront costs and profits can be determined by the calculator. There is also options for competitor research. This one also comes with Launch service that you can choose to use for your product launches. However, it is important to mention in this regard that this one is more expensive than other options.

4. Helium10

Next up on the list of the best alternatives for Keepa is Helium10, with its host of features on offer. The tool used for discovering niches and products is called Black box in Helium10. Boosting conversion rates becomes easier with the optimal use of the Scribbles listing optimization feature. You can organize the keywords based on bullet points, description, and title.

It was this funnily named ‘Frankenstein’ feature that helps you in narrowing down the keyword search and find the ones that have the highest potential. Finding high volume search options from an extensive list of keywords becomes super easy when you use this tool.

Unlike other options, you can use Helium10 for free but the features are limited in that version. It is better to opt for one of the premium plans to avail all the benefits.

5. AMA Suite

AMA Suite is basically the collection of five tools that come with the aim of simplifying your Amazon product research. This one is made specifically for MAC and Windows computers and you can use it for the top categories found at the UK and USA markets. The top results in the categories that you search for are filtered according to terms like ‘most wished for’, ‘most gifted,’ ‘hot new releases,’ and so on.

Now, for each of the products, there’s data that includes FBA sizes, product dimensions and weight, shipping, total purchases, ranks, opportunity score, and more. So, what you get is a pretty thorough way of analyzing the prospects that are there in the market.

6. Unicorn Smasher

If you are looking for something that has all the basic features for you to get to understand what it’s all about, but at the same, comes for free, then Unicorn Smasher would work just fine for you. You can download it for free from the Chrome Store. It has all the basic features, like trends, prices, and reviews, which you can check in real time. In addition to that, the sales insights and data available are pretty neat when it comes to getting you started on the right track.

The dashboard is a pretty cool feature that this one has. With it, you can get all the information you need at one place, such as, ratings, bestseller lists, product insights, and so on.

So, that is it! These are the six tools that can help you maximize your opportunities as a FBA seller and minimize your cost and risks. All you need is to evaluate the features, price of the packages, and you needs, and choose one that meets all the criteria. What are you waiting for? Get comparing now and start your venture on Amazon on a great note.

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